“Christian Fiction” and the Faith of J.K. Rowling and Sara Zarr

I know that many of my fellow Christians are so convinced that J.K. Rowling is a servant of Satan that they won't be persuaded by anything as insignificant as... oh... the author's own words about her faith.But I'm encouraged that the conversation about Rowling's perspective and beliefs is still moving. Maybe eventually it will persuade a few souls to stop protesting and start listening. Maybe it will inspire others to stop and try to count just how many young people the stories have … [Read more...]

Sara Zarr: Your Spotlight is Ready

Sometimes, you buy an album because you liked the catchy song on the radio.Sometimes, though, you pick it up because you saw the band playing at a local club and you had that sudden adrenalin rush of amazement, and you said to yourself, "I am onto something great here... something no one else has yet discovered."This may surprise you, but I don't often buy fiction marketed to teenage girls. Nevertheless, I will be buying Story of a Girl, because I have had the good fortune to meet Sara … [Read more...]