Asian Parents React to “I Love You”

What would happen if you said "I love you" to your parents? These people did and the reactions are beautiful and heartwarming.Filmmaker Steven Lim is calling for you to video your parents reacting to hearing the words come from you. Post your videos using the hashtag #iloveyouchallenge. … [Read more...]

Sexual Assault in the Muslim Community – Documentary

'Breaking Silence' is the first documentary highlighting American Muslim women’s experiences with sexual assault. Support this important film at Kickstarter today! … [Read more...]

Humans of the World

Humans of New York, one of our favorite photoblogs, was started in November 2010 by photographer Brando Stanton. What started as an effort to take candid portraits on the streets of New York - accompanied by short & intimate interviews with every day people - has turned into a global phenomena. Brandon is currently on 50 day, international trip in partnership with the United Nations, in an effort to gather portraits & stories and raise awareness for the Millennium Development Goals- so … [Read more...]

#MuslimYouthRising on YouTube

Youth are using YouTube to express creative narratives of identity and belonging, often with a focus on satire and comedy. We want to introduce you to a few channels we enjoy.What Muslim entertainers are YOU watching on YouTube?Sister Randomina/HijandomOne of the more vivid young female Muslim personalities on YouTube:'s Yousef Saleh Erakat has a 501K following! and … [Read more...]

Friday Love & Support for Tayyibah Taylor

Trailblazer. Entrepreneur. Leader. Interfaith Activist. Role Model. Writer. Mother. Teacher. Sister. Peace Advocate.So many of us have benefited from Azizah magazine founder Tayyibah Taylor's dedication to amplifying Muslim women's voices and perspectives. She was recently diagnosed with cancer and we hope that our beautiful community will pray for her, and support her generously in this sacred month of blessings. Any amount you can contribute will help. Find out how to help on her website, … [Read more...]

Coming Out in the Muslim Community

To mark the end of Pride Month and the beginning of Ramadan, Salaam, Love contributor Ramy Eletreby writes for the Huffington Post about the greatest heartbreak of his life - losing his Muslim community:One of the greatest heartbreaks in my life occurred after coming out at the age of 24: I lost my Muslim community. After my public coming out, via an article in The Los Angeles Times, and the backlash that came with it, I retreated. I distanced myself from the people I cared about, the people … [Read more...]

Marrying Muslim Men

How are Muslim men approaching marriage in our times? How do women feel about their approach? How much are we talking past one another rather than with one another? What expectations do we have for each gender, and how in-sync with reality are they?Great video by Nushmia Khan/Zujaja Creative! … [Read more...]

Summer Reading: Salaam, Love!

Summer is here! It's time to dive head first into your summer reading list, and what better place to start than Salaam Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex & Intimacy. the follow up to the groundbreaking book, Love InshAllah.Salaam, Love features 22 American Muslim men, from a broad spectrum of ethnic, racial, and religious perspectives—including orthodox, cultural, and secular Muslims— speaking openly about their romantic lives, offering frank, funny, and insightful glimpses into thei … [Read more...]

Coming of Faith is proud to present some Friday Love vibes for an exciting new site showcasing storytelling as part of the Muslim experience. Coming of Faith, founded by the dynamic Laila Alawa, is one important addition to the emerging critical mass of Muslims claiming space to celebrate identity.Laila shares a bit about the site:How did the Coming of Faith idea develop?Coming of Faith started with a question: why aren’t we hearing the real stories that Muslim Am … [Read more...]

Fashion Fighting Famine

Anaheim: Love InshAllah & Salaam Love editor Ayesha Mattu will be speaking on the #ChallengeBeauty panel at the Fashion Fighting Famine show on Saturday. Hope to see you there in support of a great cause! … [Read more...]