Who Mothers the Mother?

Ambata Kazi-Nance

Because we are free women.born of free women,who are born of free women,back as time begins,we celebrate your freedom. Because we are wise women,born of wise women,who are born of wise women,we celebrate your wisdom. Because we are strong women,born of strong women,who are born of strong women,we celebrate your strength. Because we are magical women,born of magical women,who are born of magical women,we celebrate your ma … [Read more...]

Love Letter to Single Sisters


Dear Single Sisters,Lately, I’ve run into a lot of fabulous, beautiful single women who can’t find someone brave enough to show up for them.I am one of those women, just like you. We are beautiful, growing in our solitude, and looking for someone fearless and strong enough to rock our world.Life gets hard over here in the land of no-rocking, so let me tell you something about prayer and loneliness.I’ve been on my knees. Many times, in fact, with a prayer rug and loneliness spread … [Read more...]

My Mother’s Minced Lamb


I finally dealt with what could have easily passed as a birds nest on my head and got my hair cut a couple weeks ago. I can just about tie it back, but spend the first few seconds of wakefulness running my hands around my side of the bed in the dark trying to find my hair-tie. I can no longer tie it into a bun, but it hasn’t deterred Saira from experimenting with different styles.My Mother has always been a fan of shorter hairstyles but has never thought she could it pull it off. I don’t thin … [Read more...]

Girl Bachelor


“I never shall be an old maid, because I have elected to be a Girl Bachelor. And as to regretting this choice, you know the saying of the philosopher, ‘whether you marry or not, you will regret it.’” – Neith BoyceMy friend Adam is a genius.We’re very different, Adam and I: he is a critical and analytical thinker, I am an intuitive and emotive one. Science, reason, and skepticism trump all for him, whereas for me, all three lie under a dome of spirituality. He is more realist painting, I a … [Read more...]

Love, Sex & Dating After Converting to Islam

Screen shot 2015-05-18 at 9.56.15 PM

Ed. Note: Please welcome our newest writer Luca, whose column "Halal Since 22" will be published the third Tuesday of every month.“You’re the nicest guy ever!”I’ve been called a lot of things by women throughout my life. Forward thinking, a saint (after a very unsaintly evening), emotionally unavailable, a complete fucking asshole, etc. I’d prefer to be called any of those things than be called nice. Nice is mild chicken wings. Nice is clothes from Old Navy. Nice is there, but otherwise t … [Read more...]

Silent Dhikr

Key Ballah

1. My name is too long to fit into the tiny space of your mouth.2. My God is too big to be affected by the pebbles you throw with your tongue.3. I am too beautiful to care whether your sons are comfortable with the black fabric in place of my bare skin.4. My father’s beard is none of your business.5. My mother’s henna spotted hands can strangle the appropriation out of you.6. FGM is not Islam. (However I refuse to demonize women for what tradition has taught them, for what the … [Read more...]

Squishes and a Journey of Learning and Unlearning

Laura P

Until a few years ago, I believed that I’d had exactly one crush in my life. It didn’t last very long, nothing came of it, and the man I had the feelings for never knew about it. In fact, it wasn’t really like how most people talk about crushes. I never felt like I was “in love” or was giddy or any of the rest of it, it was just an intensity of feeling (which soon faded) that flustered me a bit. If anything, it was like it was the start of a crush that never developed into anything. But I called … [Read more...]

I Want ‘More’


Love, Inshallah welcomes back guest columnist Dilshad Ali for Mother's Day.You ever have those moments where your love for your children surges up like a tidal wave, drowning you in overwhelming warmth and sweetness? It could be the most mundane thing, but in that moment, your love for your child is so clear and pure and strong that it almost hurts. It happens when Hamza comes home from school yelling “Mama!” because he is so excited to see me and tell me about something that happened th … [Read more...]

Dater in Training

Eren Cervantes-Altamirano

 Dating is like a blank page. One that, as a writer, I have to contemplate for a little while before beginning.Apparently, one also has to be “trained” in dating. A friend of mine told me that it takes a few dates with different men, to get back into the “dating mode.” As I replay the events that led to my first dating experience after my partner passed away, I can’t help but also remember my teenage dating days.See, my teenage years were full of love and drama. I had a few different … [Read more...]

Guava Jam: Taste of my mother, taste of home

Tanzila Ahmed

This month's Radical Love column is a video essay recorded live at Common Grounds in Santa Ana, California. It begins at 2:48."This is what it means to be an immigrant living in California, smuggling seeds in Ziplock bags from the motherland or buying trees from the underground market for the illegal fruits & vegetables that tasted like home." --- Read more by Tanzila, here. Tanzila Ahmed is an activist, storyteller, and politico based in Los Angeles. She can be heard and read m … [Read more...]