Advice: Navigating Young (Forbidden) Love

Dear Love, InshAllah,We are parents of a Muslim college student who met a Muslim boy at school and wish to get to know each other with parental supervision for marriage. The boy told his Pakistani parents he wished us to meet and get to know each other. They first agreed and next day refused and hit him and threatened to have him transfer to another school. We are not Pakistani, however they say that is not the reason, that it is because he is too young. We also wish they were older however … [Read more...]

Advice: On cleaning up after sex & dating with a disability

Dear Love, InshAllah:I know this seems like a question everyone already seems to know, but both my wife and I ever really learned the etiquette of sex in terms of how to keep things clean (literally). What I mean is -- is there a usual (or better, or sunnah) way to clean-up after relations? I don't mean ghusl...but if one has relations with their spouse on the bed, how to keep the bed clean? I can't believe that people wash their sheets every single time after they sleep together. Do some … [Read more...]

Advice: On internet flirting & kissing at a wedding

Dear Love, InshAllah:There's this Muslim guy I met a few times through work.  He messages me and we chat for a few days, then he vanishes. He says we should meet up but never makes a plan. Is he just stringing me along? Should I block and delete him and move on? I'm not interested in pursuing something that will not culminate in marriage. I should mention that I am no longer in my 20s.Sincerely,Is he stringing me along?Miss Sunshine replies: … [Read more...]

Advice: I didn’t say yes

Dear Love, InshAllah:I am 29 years old and am under a lot of pressure from my parents to get married. My parents are very conservative. We never spoke about girls, so there was never an opportunity for me to find out what girl they would like for me nor I was able to tell them my thoughts on what I was looking for.Through a few social contacts of my parents, we met a few families who were looking for a match for their daughters. On a couple of occasions, I liked the girl but my parents … [Read more...]

Advice: In Love With a Polytheist

Dear Love Inshallah,I have been dating a man for a few years now and we've been discussing marriage. However, he is of a polytheistic faith. Although he is liberal in his practice, he has a strong belief in God. We have not had any problems with faith interrupting our relationship, since we have the same morals and values and we have been blessed to be very compatible and loving towards one another. He is also very active in taking part in my religious activities, since he is quite aware … [Read more...]

Advice: Nervous About Sex

Salam Love InshAllah,I will be getting married next month and I will move from the stage of not being allowed to be alone with my future husband to being allowed to be intimate with him and I must say I am feeling nervous. My question is about my wedding night or any night that we choose to be intimate. I grew up in a conservative community and attended a Muslim school so my knowledge about sex and intimacy is limited to that which may pop up in a conversation of inexperienced, virgin … [Read more...]

Advice: Dating a woman with a past

Dear Love, InshAllah:I've met a girl I really like. We have been good friends for a while. She and I are both Muslims, both born in a Muslim country, but raised in America. I really like her however, she had (relatively) many sexual relations prior to meeting me. She has never been married. In fact, she never even dated the guys she had sex with - they were just flings and so forth. I know that this is common in many cultures, but when you are from a background that doesn't approve of this … [Read more...]

Advice: Unrequited Love

Dear Love Inshallah,At 20 years old, I have decided that I am ready to get engaged. I've been putting a lot of thought into the matter and since I do not want to pursue a pre-marital relationship, I thought I would open myself up to the possibility of getting engaged soon, since I have been getting suitors in the last few years.I do have a bit of a problem though. Over the last four years, I have fallen in love with an amazing man, who was the definition of "ideal" for me. We became … [Read more...]

Advice: Why is sex so taboo?

Dear Love InshAllah,How do I talk to my sister about sex? She's 24 and about to get married. I'd like to be able to talk to her about this, but she makes me feel uncomfortable whenever I say something that is remotely close to the topic.Signed,Why is sex so tabooMs. Sunshine replies:  … [Read more...]

Advice: Searching for a way forward

Ed. note:  This column provides a safe space for readers to ask love and relationship questions. Sometimes the questions go beyond our columnists' areas of expertise, as is the case with today's question. Our columnists advise with compassion and love, but a reminder that they are not mental health professionals. We encourage the person who wrote this question to seek help immediately; resources include: Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Mental Health For Muslims. If you send us your contact inf … [Read more...]