Fatherhood is…

Photographer Sabrina Thompson's "Social Series: Fatherhood is..." project promotes positive images of black fathers. The campaign reached some 28 thousand people in its first six days.Imagine the effects if these were the images we saw every day in the media.Ms. Thompson's tagline: "Be socially responsible through imagery." Share this with your father, family, friends and other people you love! … [Read more...]

Friday love: BrotherSpeak

We love the Washington Post video series, "BrotherSpeak," exploring the lives of black men in the U.S. Through pictures and one-on-one interviews, in-depth stories and award-winning video, black men speak about their fears, loves, and dreams.The creator speaks to why these three emotions were chosen:We chose these words because we believe they represent fundamental human emotions and impulses that many black men’s experiences provide them a unique relationship with and perspective on. The p … [Read more...]