Advice: On internet flirting & kissing at a wedding

Dear Love, InshAllah:There's this Muslim guy I met a few times through work.  He messages me and we chat for a few days, then he vanishes. He says we should meet up but never makes a plan. Is he just stringing me along? Should I block and delete him and move on? I'm not interested in pursuing something that will not culminate in marriage. I should mention that I am no longer in my 20s.Sincerely,Is he stringing me along?Miss Sunshine replies: … [Read more...]

Advice: I didn’t say yes

Dear Love, InshAllah:I am 29 years old and am under a lot of pressure from my parents to get married. My parents are very conservative. We never spoke about girls, so there was never an opportunity for me to find out what girl they would like for me nor I was able to tell them my thoughts on what I was looking for.Through a few social contacts of my parents, we met a few families who were looking for a match for their daughters. On a couple of occasions, I liked the girl but my parents … [Read more...]

Advice: In Love With a Polytheist

Dear Love Inshallah,I have been dating a man for a few years now and we've been discussing marriage. However, he is of a polytheistic faith. Although he is liberal in his practice, he has a strong belief in God. We have not had any problems with faith interrupting our relationship, since we have the same morals and values and we have been blessed to be very compatible and loving towards one another. He is also very active in taking part in my religious activities, since he is quite aware … [Read more...]

Advice: Starting Over

Dear Love InshAllah,I was in a relationship for ten years, engaged for three and married for seven. My husband was older than me and had a very checkered past, which I found attractive when I was younger. But slowly I grew up and he stayed a child.When we got married he was physically abusive and it took me years to get him to accept it. He then thought that because he accepted that it was abuse, that he wasn't doing it any more and when I was offer him detailed evidence, he started to … [Read more...]

Advice: Dating a woman with a past

Dear Love, InshAllah:I've met a girl I really like. We have been good friends for a while. She and I are both Muslims, both born in a Muslim country, but raised in America. I really like her however, she had (relatively) many sexual relations prior to meeting me. She has never been married. In fact, she never even dated the guys she had sex with - they were just flings and so forth. I know that this is common in many cultures, but when you are from a background that doesn't approve of this … [Read more...]

Advice: Unrequited Love

Dear Love Inshallah,At 20 years old, I have decided that I am ready to get engaged. I've been putting a lot of thought into the matter and since I do not want to pursue a pre-marital relationship, I thought I would open myself up to the possibility of getting engaged soon, since I have been getting suitors in the last few years.I do have a bit of a problem though. Over the last four years, I have fallen in love with an amazing man, who was the definition of "ideal" for me. We became … [Read more...]

Advice: In love with a Muslim man

Dear Love, InshAllah,I find myself in a hard situation with a Muslim man I love. I write because I don't have resources within the Muslim community and would love that perspective. I am not a Muslim woman though I have much respect for the faith.For the past 9 months or so I have been dating a dear man from Libya who is here for school on a scholarship. From the beginning it has been clear that there are obstacles to our being together and we kept it very casual and light, but in the … [Read more...]

Advice: Sleeping with my best friend

Dear Love, InshAllah:I've had a best friend for 4-5 years. I started developing feelings for him. He, like me, is a Muslim. I realized I loved him after he started dating my friend. They dated for about six months. I wanted to be with him and convinced myself that I was going to make him fall in love with me. There were many girls after he broke up with my friend, but during this time we got closer. Eventually, he became physically attracted to me and we spent a night together.Since … [Read more...]

Advice: My husband doesn’t want to have sex

Ed. note: Today our columnists are answering two similar questions that came in within days of one another.Dear Love InshAllah,I am happily married, and have been so for the past six years. Our sex drives, though, were never compatible; last year we had a very open and loving discussion where I suggested that he might be asexual. After some consideration, he agreed. Sex wasn't very often (maybe 1-2 times a year) but now it is nothing. I'm not comfortable discussing this with my Imam, who … [Read more...]

Advice: Why is sex so taboo?

Dear Love InshAllah,How do I talk to my sister about sex? She's 24 and about to get married. I'd like to be able to talk to her about this, but she makes me feel uncomfortable whenever I say something that is remotely close to the topic.Signed,Why is sex so tabooMs. Sunshine replies:  … [Read more...]