The Other Side of the Coin

They tell you that to just focus on yourself. The instructions are to become a good Muslim. You pray and you fast. You do not talk to girls or smoke or hit the clubs. You remain virgins while focusing on your careers and education. First you get the bachelors degree because no parent wants a salary of less than $80,000 a year.  Every parent you know insist that it is for the best that you save up money and get ahead in your career development.You listen because you love your family. … [Read more...]

What Bollywood Taught Me About Love

I do not often tell others now that my parents rarely kissed or hugged us as children. In today’s heavy judgment on parents of all types, I fear that the ways in which my parents showed their affections would be misrepresented as cruel or negligent. Instead, my parents (surely like their parents before them) were reserved in a classic South Asian manner. Not once had I ever been told that my parents loved me; not once were we hugged for no reason. Still, not once have I ever doubted their l … [Read more...]

I am a Muslim Woman and I Chose to Have an Abortion

I am a Muslim woman and I chose to have an abortion. There are a few things you should know about me: I consider my religion to be the defining aspect of my life; I am an active member of my community, particularly in the area of women’s education and empowerment; and, I am a wife and mother who is nursing her baby while pursuing a post-graduate degree. I also do plan on having more children in the future, God willing.I also want to make clear that I do not promote abortion as means of r … [Read more...]

It started with a wink

It started with a wink.My husband David and I met on when he showed up in my weekly report of new guys on the site matching my preferences. He had an awful profile picture (think: taken with a cell phone camera in a moving car), but I loved everything else about his profile, from the description of himself to what he was looking for in a partner. So, I virtually winked at him. He sent me a message the next dayFast forward 16 months and I was moving to Chicago as his bride.It … [Read more...]

Advice: Clueless about my wedding night

Dear Love InshAllah:I am a virgin, and I really don't know what to expect come wedding night. I'm definitely excited (one of the greatest understatements of all-time lol), but I am just so utterly clueless as to what I should do to blow the mind of my wife-to-be!I've never kissed a girl let alone done anything to have had any experience whatsoever in the female-pleasuring department. I have never dated. I don't watch pornography or anything like that, and I wouldn't feel comfortable … [Read more...]

Mother knows best

Our 4th parody Valentine's Day card! :)To share with your friends, click here. … [Read more...]

Trust us, this pick-up line won’t work

The fun continues with our Valentine's Day parody card #3!To send to your friends from someecards, click here. … [Read more...]

Old World Lessons on Love

Born in the 1970s at the tail-end of the women’s lib movement, I was a Gen X girl trying to figure out my role in an era of change and uncertainty.Girls in the 80s grew up fast. My mom’s lectures regarding my future involved college and career choices, not marriage. All of the girls I knew had boyfriends and little pills. Boyfriends were a cultural norm and very much a part of family nights and holiday dinners. The idea of one true love, romance and the ritual preparation of a woman to tra … [Read more...]