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Quarterly  and Yearly Statistical Growth since Blog’s Creation on September 13, 2008:

4th Quarter 2008: 2,179 unique visitors per month, 3,521 page views per month

2008 Year Total: 6,537 unique visitors and 10,563 page views


1st Quarter Averages: 4,527 unique visitors per month, 12,056 page views per month

2nd Quarter Averages: 6,708 unique visitors per month, 19,213 page views per month

3rd Quarter Averages: 9,269 unique visitors per month, 27,929 page views per month

4th Quarter Averages: 14,034 unique visitors per month, 49,179 page views per month

2009 Year Totals: 103,614 unique visitors and 325,131 page views


1st Quarter Averages: 15,642 unique visitors per month, 60,002 page views per month

2nd Quarter Averages: 16,229 unique visitors per month, 63,783 page views per month

3rd Quarter Averages: 27,244 unique visitors per month, 115,442 page views per month

4th Quarter Averages: 17,652 unique visitors per month, 59,997 page views per month

2010 Year Totals: 230,292 unique visitors and 897,672 unique visitors


1st Quarter Averages: 14,443 unique visitors per month, 43,473 page views per month

2nd Quarter Averages: 11,109 unique visitors per month, 33,105 page views per month

Most Recent Month: July 2011: 18,001 unique visitors and 54,723 page views per month

2nd Quarter 2011 Breakdown:

81% of the visitors from the United States

15% of the visitors from the United Kingdom

2% of the visitors from Canada

1% of the visitors from Australia

Remaining 1% of the visitors comprise 56 different countries

*Since the creation of this blog two and a half years ago, there have been over 750,000 unique visitors and over 1.5 million page views.

*Advertisers do not have influence over the content on Love is an Orientation

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