Part 2: How Jesus Commands Us to Handle Critics

Read Part 1 Movement #1: Stay close to those you trust with you life (Matthew 10:11-12) Scripture for Movement #1: 11“Whatever town or village you enter, search for some worthy person there and stay at his house until you leave. 12As you enter the home, give it your greeting. Insight #1 from Matthew 10:11: Whatever [Read More…]

Part 1: How Jesus Commands Us to Handle Critics

Just recently I was studying the Bible for My One Sentence Bible, and I came across Matthew 10:11-11:7. In this passage Jesus is giving instructions to his disciples on how to live a faithful life with critics, haters and oppressors all around. I was shocked, and moved by Jesus’ commands (no, I don’t know why [Read More…]

I Must Work Even Harder on Myself

Still just as applicable this week as it was last. The Lord’s conforming process is never easy… Much love. [Read more…]

Conservative theologian REALLY doesn’t like me, or anyone ASSOCIATED with me

Dr. Robert Gagnon (who wrote this book and this book), Associate Professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, just published a 24 PAGE critique of me, my work, my book and everyone who is associated with me. Here is the introduction to his critique (italics are mine): “Andrew Marin’s book, Love is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with [Read More…]

Part 3: The Marin Foundation Featured on the 700 Club

The Future of this Bridge Building Work There was one quick sentence that the reporter Heather Sells said in the segment that was quite profound: “It may take years to understand Marin’s impact on the Church and the LGBT community” How true that statement actually is. In today’s on-demand culture there is an expectation of the immediate. People [Read More…]

I Have to Forgive These People to Move On

I was reading the Bible this morning in the book of Mark doing my One Sentence Bible (I always read ahead of what I post on the blog) and I came across the following: “And if you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that God in Heaven may forgive you your sins.” [Read More…]

Part 2: The Marin Foundation Featured on the 700 Club

Validation vs. Affirmation: There are some who are very upset about my understanding of validation and affirmation. Here is a more in-depth explanation. I find these critiques strange because many people in both communities love, and I mean love to talk about being ‘inclusive’ or ‘focused on outreach’. What that actually means these days is that inclusive people or [Read More…]

Part 1: The Marin Foundation Featured on the 700 Club

Last week the 700 Club aired a segment about the work of The Marin Foundation. We have gotten quite a response – both positive and negative; and so has the 700 Club (I just got an email from them which said that this video is one of their most watched videos ever – and with [Read More…]

I Got Smashed Live On Air by Conservative Christians

Yesterday, Monday, I was live on air on Moody Radio’s Morning Ride with Mark Elfstrand. This interview came about as I was alerted by a friend about two weeks ago that the Morning Ride was talking some heavy trash about me, my organization and our I’m Sorry Campaign at the Gay Pride Parade. Not only [Read More…]

This Man Doesn’t Speak for Anyone – Yet People Say He Does

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Gay Reichs Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party Wow. Just wow. This is a video clip from a recent interview on the Daily Show where Scott Lively was interviewed. Lively has written a book that blames gay people for the holocaust, [Read More…]

Part 8: Video Interviews from Chicago Gay Pride Parade

I asked this person: What would you think/do if a straight Christian came up to you and said I’m Sorry for how the Church has treated you, etc… His answer is the most powerful thing I’ve heard any LGBT person say regarding the power of I’m Sorry. Much love. [Read more…]

Update on Las Vegas Church ($) Supporting Leader of Anti-Gay Bill

Recently I posted about Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas who has publicly admitted to their financial support of Martin Ssempa, the man leading the charge in Uganda to pass the Anti-Gay Legislation. When this information went public, the Southern Nevada Health District, who had been partnering with Canyon Ridge to do HIV testing, [Read More…]

Last Words of a Dying Man

Since Love is an Orientation started to get some notoriety I have been asked quite a few times to endorse people’s forthcoming books. I have learned that there are three main philosophies on giving endorsements, and here they are in descending order from most popular philosophy to least popular: 1. Endorse every book asked of you [Read More…]

Only 3 Weeks Left in our 4 Year Research Study

We only have 3 weeks left in our 4 year study of faith experiences and religious/spiritual acculturation within the LGBT community! You can click here for all of the information (and answers to questions that were raised about it in the comment section) on The Marin Foundation’s current research study. As an LGBT person, whether [Read More…]