Why Did Jesus Speak in Parables?

Here is a question I get quite a bit; and just recently have been asked it more than usual: Why did Jesus talk in parables? I also wrote about this question here, but because I’ve been asked it so many times recently I thought I would say something again. I believe he did so for [Read More...]

Where’s My Perspective?

The following post was written by Nathan Albert, Director of Pastoral Care at The Marin Foundation. For one summer, I worked as a chaplain at Rush University Medical Center.  Specifically, I was the chaplain for the Pediatrics and Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit, however I also covered the entire hospital on my 24-hour shifts.  I was [Read More...]

What is the “Gospel”? To Me it is…

Thanks for all of your great insights yesterday on what you believe is the Gospel! I loved reading them, and I generally like to think that the people that read this blog are at least 82.6% smarter than people who read any other blog Maybe it’s just that the people who have thought about what the [Read More...]

What is the “Gospel”?

In April 2010 I heard a man I know and respect greatly, Scot McKnight, speak about his understanding of the Gospel. Scot is a no-joke theologian and someone that when he talks, people (and I) listen. His talk about the Gospel peaked my interest because I had never really thought deeply about what I believed the Gospel [Read More...]

Here are the Old Testament Scripture References that Jesus Quoted More Than Anything Else

Everytime I read the New Testament I see Jesus quoting the Old Testament quite a bit. As I learned in my Bible interpretation classes in seminary, parallel passages and repeat quotes are there to drive points home more directly. Maybe it’s just me, but for a while now I’ve wondered if Jesus quoted any one [Read More...]

Faithful Christianity Means a Walking Hypocrite?

This morning my good friend Adam McLane posted these profoundly truthful words on feeling like a hypocrite. When I read it I quickly remembered a series of conversations I’ve recently had. Before I get into those let me tell you this, even if some may disagree: I am intentionally, and with a humble spirit, trying my [Read More...]

Leader of Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill Finally Loses American $ Support

BREAKING NEWS exclusive to my friend Dr. Warren Throckmorton’s blog, Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas, who gave the bulk of financial support (here and here) to Martin Ssempa – the leader of the Anti-Gay Bill in Uganda, has finally cut financial ties with him! This is a huge blow to the sustainability of the [Read More...]

Article I Wrote for Religion Dispatches

Here is the link to the article I just wrote for Religion Dispatches. It’s a counter commentary to Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, who wrote a guest article for the Washington Post. People need to know that not just LGBT people are tired of the same negative generalizations that only stir up further dissent. I was offended [Read More...]

What the ‘Hell’?

This morning I woke up and had four Facebook postings on my wall waiting for me, all from a guy who said following (and yes, these are the actual messages): “You are a false prophet leading others into hell. Everyone needs to turn away from Andrew Marin now. The Lord is coming and will not [Read More...]

Part 2: Time to ‘Name’ What Is Ignored

This is Part 2 written by Kevin Harris – Director of Community Relations for The Marin Foundation. You can read Part 1 here. Naming a problem prompts us to take ownership of it, while making it harder to ignore for ourselves and those around us. Thomas Friedman stated; “In the world of ideas, to name [Read More...]

Article I Wrote on Crosswalk.com about LGBT Bullying

Here it is. I name names because I think this is too important. Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more...]

Part 1: Time to ‘Name’ What is Ignored

This forthcoming 2 Part Series is written by Kevin Harris – Director of Community Relations at The Marin Foundation. “Whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.” -Jesus As most everyone has heard, recently there has been a tragic string of suicides in the last [Read More...]

Guest Post by Dr. Tony Campolo

On Monday October 11th (also not coincidentally that is also National Coming Out Day), Dr. Tony Campolo will be speaking at The Marin Foundation’s Living in the Tension Gathering on Faith, Sexuality and Politics. Our event will be held at Roscoes, the historic gay bar in Boystown (Starting at 7:30pm CST). Here is the link to [Read More...]

Andrew Marin LGBT Bullying Public Service Announcement

I’m tired of the excuses of conservative Christians and their organizations that say the publicity of the recent suicides, and trainings for LGBT bullying in general, are to promote the ‘gay agenda.’ Wrong. They are to dignify human life – whether one agrees doctrinally or not. Just like Jesus did to the institution he came to [Read More...]