I was Quoted by Salon.com about Evangelical Churches and the Uganda Bill

Recently I was quoted in an article by the widely read news outlet Salon.com about Evangelical churches and the Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill. You can see the whole article here. Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more…]

Part 6: Video Interviews from Chicago Gay Pride Parade

Sorry…I messed up the order of the videos. I forgot to post Part 6 before I posted Part 7! So here it is… This video is of me interviewing a very humble, agnostic man wearing a huge rainbow hat talking about his experiences with faith and the gay community. Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more…]

Part 7: Video Interviews from Chicago Gay Pride Parade

Here I interview another participant in our ‘I’m Sorry’ campaign. Just watch how the deconstruction of negative perceptions about the Pride Parade happen in real time. Quite amazing. Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more…]

Part 5: Video Interviews from Chicago Gay Pride Parade 2010

This video is an interview I did with Nathan and Brooke, two people who participted in our ‘I’m Sorry’ campaign. Hear their persepective about what happened during the parade and their involvement with others around them while wearing the shirts. Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more…]

Part 4: Video Interviews at Chicago Gay Pride Parade 2010

This video interview is with a gay man, raised Catholic, telling his story of then to now… Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more…]

Purchase our “I’m Sorry” T-Shirts!

The response we have gotten from this ‘I’m Sorry from the Church’ Campaign 2010 has been unreal! We have some huge plans in the works right now for the upcoming national ‘I’m Sorry from the Church’ Campaign 2011. But in the meantime, Kevin, Nathan and I have been getting TONS of emails and Facebook messages [Read More…]

Part 3: Video Interviews from Chicago Pride Parade 2010

At the Parade I ran into another straight guy whose best friends came out to him and changed his life. This guy Jason really “loves the gays!” Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more…]

Part 2: Pics from Gay Pride Parade

In order to save me some time of uploading hoard of photos ( ) you can see a great batch of Parade photos that we just uploaded on The Marin Foundation’s new Facebook page. Or, if you want a huge selection of every size, shape and color from the Parade (literally), please visit here, our new friend Michelle’s site – [Read More…]

Part 2: Video Interviews at 2010 Gay Pride Parade

Believe me, ‘he ain’t sorry!’ Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more…]

I Couldn’t Be More Proud at Pride, You Know, In a Humble Way Of Course

Photo credit to Michelle at MalAdjusted Media You HAVE GOT TO READ the powerful story of why this man in his underwear is hugging us! It’s one of the most powerful experiences I’ve encountered in a long time. Thanks to Nathan Albert, Director of Pastoral Care for The Marin Foundation, who chronicled this on his blog. [Read More…]

View of God from Gay Man at San Fran Pride Parade

One of my friends Jack Harris, a professor and gay man, was recently at the San Fransisco gay pride parade this past weekend. He told me he would go to it through the eye of faith, and here are his wonderful reflections: “Thoughts on Gay Pride San Francisco 2010: Tim (my partner) and I (Jack) [Read More…]

This Says It All

This is literally what Christian Outreach to the LGBT Community looks like: Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org  (Picture Credit goes to Michelle from Maladjusted Media) [Read more…]

Part 1: Pride Parade 2010 Pics

Here are some pictures from yesterday. This batch is just our group. I’ll throw some others of the actual parade tomorrow: [Read more…]

Part 1: Video Interviews of 2010 Chicago Gay Pride Parade

Yesterday at the 2010 Chicago Gay Pride Parade The Marin Foundation was rolling almost 30 deep (consisting of the scope of our organization from secular LGBT people, to gay Christians to celibate to ex-gay to liberal and conservative straight Christians to secular straight people) who were all wearing black shirts with the words I’m Sorry in [Read More…]