Getting Over the Church

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If you’ve been alive long enough and if you’ve ever loved someone, you’ve probably also experienced the heartache of breaking up. Almost all of us can relate to the difficulty of getting over someone. But what do you do if it is the Church that has broken your heart? How do you get over that? [Read more...]

Being the Token Gay Christian

I am glad my fiancée and I represented ourselves and our love in a positive light.


What if I had been having a bad day? I can be quite shy and sometimes I just don’t feel like explaining myself to new people – so what if I had ignored my friend’s father? What if my fiancée and I had been arguing or experiencing a tense moment in our relationship? Would my friend’s father have walked away with the same positive changes in his viewpoint or would we have confirmed every negative opinion he believed about LGBTQ people? [Read more...]

Parents, We’re All in This Together

In June The Marin Foundation partnered with FreedHearts Ministries and Unconditional Ministries to host our first ever conference for Christian parents of LGBTQ children. Parents came to hear from, worship with and experience community with other Christian parents who are learning to love their children unconditionally without having to sacrifice their faith. The weekend included speakers, praise and worship, group sharing times and a Q&A panel discussion. Staff member Laura Statesir described her personal journey as a LGBTQ Christian child and shared findings and advice for parents from our Christian parent research study.

Below is a description of the conference in the words of some of the parents who attended so please keep reading. [Read more...]

New Resource for Christian Parents with LGBTQ Children


Are you a Christian parent with a LGBTQ child? We have added several new resources for you to our website including a list of other Christian parents all over the US who are willing to email or talk with you. [Read more...]

What I Wish my Youth Pastor Had Said – Part 2

Below are some best practices and recommendations for Christian youth workers* who have LGBTQ and questioning youth in their church or Christian organization. Obviously each situation is different and every suggestion may not work for your unique group or denomination but remember that the stakes are high. Statistically LGBTQ youth commit suicide in higher numbers than heterosexual youth. LGBTQ youth also leave their faith in alarming numbers. If we err as Christian youth workers, let us err on the side of love. [Read more...]

What I Wish my Youth Pastor Had Said – Part 1

I come from a background in Christian youth ministry. I worked at Christian camps, with inner-city ministries, with wilderness therapy programs, and for Young Life [a Christian youth ministry organization]. I understand the unique pressures and stresses of working in Christian youth ministry and having a youth come out to me. I also identify as LGBTQ so I understand what it is like to come out to a Christian youth worker.

So what should you do as a Christian youth worker* when a youth comes out to you? How should you respond? What do I wish my Young Life leader had said to me when I came out? [Read more...]

Clearing the Path for your Child’s Faith

The following post is from Laura Statesir, Director of Family and Youth at The Marin Foundation.  One of the questions that haunt Christian parents when their child comes out is, “How will this affect my child’s faith?” Parents worry that their LGBTQ child will lose their faith. The deeper question behind this is, “Can my [Read More...]

End of the Year Giving!

The following post comes in part from The Marin Foundation’s end-of-year letter to our generous donors. To participate in giving to The Marin Foundation, click here! – To our wonderful friends and family, Hello from Chicago! We hope this letter finds you well as you enjoy this holiday season. We are filled with joy and [Read More...]

Peace on Earth & At The Dinner Table (For Parents)


For parents who struggle to reconcile their Christian faith with their love for their LGBTQ children, the holidays can be a time of stress filled decisions: Do I allow my LGBTQ child to bring their partner home? Do I allow them to sleep in the same room? How do I introduce their partner to my friends? Do I say anything about my child’s sexuality/gender identity during this time?
Through our research with the Parent Resource Initiative, The Marin Foundation has learned from parents who have already navigated these questions. [Read more...]

We Don’t Want to be Dinosaurs

The following post is from Laura Statesir, Director of Family and Youth at The Marin Foundation.  This month I made two amazing discoveries. First, they are filming another Jurassic Park movie called Jurassic World. For someone who quotes the line, “Hold on to your butts,” when anything exciting is about to happen, this is a great [Read More...]

A Christlike Response?

The following post is from Laura Statesir, Director of Family and Youth at The Marin Foundation.   Before I came to The Marin Foundation, I spent five years living in the Dominican Republic working for Young Life. The Dominican Republic is a small country in the Caribbean that shares the island of Hispaniola with the [Read More...]

Why I’m Sorry

The following post is from Laura Statesir, Director of Family and Youth at The Marin Foundation. The arrival of summer means many things to Chicagoans: the opening of the beaches (sunburns), baseball season (Cubs/Sox rivalries), neighborhood festivals (bad cover bands), and the Chicago Pride Parade.  Gay pride parades bring many images and ideas to mind, [Read More...]

Youth Workin’ It interviews Laura Statesir

This week Laura Statesir (our Director of Family and Youth) was interviewed by Youth Workin It. You can see the original interview on their site here. For your convenience I have posted it here: As part of our series about different types of youth work, this week we have an interview with Laura Statesir who works [Read More...]

The Blame Game


The following post is from Laura Statesir, Director of Family and Youth at The Marin Foundation. We live in a culture of blame, but is that the way it’s supposed to be? In John 9, Jesus and his disciples are walking along and spot a blind man begging for money.  This man is an outcast, [Read More...]