“What If They Think I’m Gay?” And Other Fears that Keep People from Engaging


“Be Bold.” This is the declaration splashed across our website and facebook page. It’s The Marin Foundation’s motto, although it’s not one that I reflect on often. [Read more...]

Living in the Tension – 8/18

Join us for our upcoming Living in the Tension Gathering on Monday, August 18th, where we will be discussing sex trafficking.We have a special guest presenter, Brenna Cyr, who will be discussing LGBTQ sex trafficking in the city of Chicago. Sex trafficking is a worldwide issue with over 30 million slaves, 60,000 of whom live [Read More...]

Why I Chose Grace as a Gay Christian


To all those Christians who identify as LGBTQ, thank you for not giving up. Thank you for living out all facets of your identity despite the backlash you may get from polarized communities. Thank you for giving grace to those who don’t know what they do. [Read more...]

Going to the Chapel…But You Won’t Be There

"Aiden the Ringbearer" by Brandon and Kaja Geary. Released on Flickr  https://www.flickr.com/people/gearys/ under the  Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License, found via Wylio

We don’t typically publish anonymous posts, but the writer for today’s post has requested anonymity, and we understand, and have made an exception to our normal policy.   The following post is by a friend of The Marin Foundation who identifies as a gay Christian:   I’m having a conversation with my two-year-old nephew at the [Read More...]

Why the “I’m Sorry” Campaign? –Part 3


While I’ve participated with the campaign several times in the past, last year was my first time being stationed in front of the “God Hates [everybody]” protesters who create a dark spot along the parade’s route. While a few parade-goers choose to ignore the protesters as best they can, the verbal assaults those protesters hurl out prompt many to react in anger. I would frequently watch people go from a cheerful face to an angry snarl within moments of seeing the protesters. Then when it dawns on people why our group is there in our white “I’m Sorry” tee shirts, their attitudes quickly shift and suddenly there are smiles, hugs, and even thankful tears. [Read more...]

“What Are You Sorry for, Anyway?” Part 2

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Today’s post is from our friend Tami Moberg, who’s continuing our I’m Sorry series, and sharing her own answer to the frequently asked “So what are you sorry for anyway?”  Come back Friday for another I’m Sorry guest post from a friend.   See ya Sunday!  I never dreamed 23 years ago I would be at [Read More...]

Special Living in the Tension Gathering: Preventing LGBTQ Teen Suicide

Christian communities today are beginning to realize regardless of their theology and beliefs about sexuality and gender identity there are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth in their congregations. These LGBTQ youth sit in church pews, attend youth group and sing in the choir. Some of these young people feel accepted and loved by [Read More...]

A Third Way.

– This post is written by Michael Kimpan, our Associate Director at The Marin Foundation. You can read more from Michael at his blog here – and his book, Love Never Fails :: Building Bridges Between the Church and the Gay Community will be available for pre-order soon (2015, IVP). – Here we go again. In an article on [Read More...]

Share Your Story of Compelling Love

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“How can people connect with each other when their beliefs, values, and practices deeply differ, distress, and even offend each other?” This question is the premise behind a documentary currently being filmed called Compelling Love. The film is about sexuality, gender identity, Christianity, and how people can love one another despite their differences. The producers [Read More...]

2014 Parent Conference

Unconditional Ministries, The Marin Foundation, and FreedHearts are excited to present the 2014 Midwest Parents Conference, “By Parents, For Parents”, on June 13th and 14th in Chicago. Join us to hear from, worship with, and experience community with other Christian parents who are learning to reconcile their faith and their child’s sexuality or gender identity. [Read more...]

God and the Gay Christian.


This post is written by Michael Kimpan, our Associate Director at The Marin Foundation. You can read more from Michael at his blog here – and his book, Love Never Fails :: Building Bridges Between the Church and the Gay Community will be available for pre-order soon (March 2015, IVP). – It’s no surprise that as humans we have [Read More...]

How to Talk to Young Kids About Same-Sex Relationships

The following post is by Jason Bilbrey, our Director of Pastoral Care here at The Marin Foundation.  You can read more from Jason at his blog, www.jasonbilbrey.com. It’s been a few years since our daughter, Norah, first encountered boys holding hands and girls kissing. That was in the summer of 2011, when our family moved from [Read More...]

What I Wish my Youth Pastor Had Said – Part 2

Below are some best practices and recommendations for Christian youth workers* who have LGBTQ and questioning youth in their church or Christian organization. Obviously each situation is different and every suggestion may not work for your unique group or denomination but remember that the stakes are high. Statistically LGBTQ youth commit suicide in higher numbers than heterosexual youth. LGBTQ youth also leave their faith in alarming numbers. If we err as Christian youth workers, let us err on the side of love. [Read more...]

What I Wish my Youth Pastor Had Said – Part 1

I come from a background in Christian youth ministry. I worked at Christian camps, with inner-city ministries, with wilderness therapy programs, and for Young Life [a Christian youth ministry organization]. I understand the unique pressures and stresses of working in Christian youth ministry and having a youth come out to me. I also identify as LGBTQ so I understand what it is like to come out to a Christian youth worker.

So what should you do as a Christian youth worker* when a youth comes out to you? How should you respond? What do I wish my Young Life leader had said to me when I came out? [Read more...]