American Church Admits to Funding Kill the Gays Bill in Uganda

Over the last few months Warren Throckmorton (and I, part time) have been covering the Anti-Homosexual Bill in Uganda. Warren has been the world’s best investigative reporter on this, from interviewing Doug Coe (the head of The Family) to now, breaking news that an American church, Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas, NV, has gone on record [Read More...]

Another Unreal Review

Don’t know how I missed this one either! Guess life goes on when you’re in another country… I’m blessed to have read this. The conversation over there is poppin’! Rachel Held Evans wrote this review. I have never met her, but I continue to hear great things about her upcoming book. Holla! Much love. [Read more...]

Awesome Review of my Book & Interview

The ever-present and big-time blogger Nicole Wick got a hold of my book, read it, loved it, interviewed me about it (and asked me 2 questions I’ve never been asked before), and out came this! Soooo cool. Much love. [Read more...]

I Support the Golden Rule Pledge

Coming up is the National Day of Silence, where GLBT youth and their allies vow to not talk today at school to bring awareness to the name-calling, bullying and harassment of them in schools. In response to this day there are many Christians out there who decide to pull their kids out of school in [Read More...]

Are Gay Equality Rigths Orgs Really Fighting for Equality?

Last year I went to speak in Mississippi and that was the first time I had ever been to that State. As soon as I stepped off the plane I realized that the Mississippi state flag still has the Confederate Flag in it (see picture above)! Seriously Mississippi, it’s 2010. Anyway, I’m sure by now [Read More...]

Email Response from Ex-Gay Leader Andy Comiskey Regarding Child Molestation

If you have been following along here and here, this is the exact email Andy Comiskey wrote in repsonse to my email to him: Dear Andrew, I am glad to clear up any confusion which has surfaced due to my post.  While I commend your sincerity in seeking my ‘full transparency,’ I think many of your [Read More...]

Public Email to Andy Comiskey in Light of Child Molestation Made Public

In light of the recent post about learning of multiple child molestations occurring in Andy Comiskey’s ex-gay ministry, Desert Stream Minitries, and how offended I was by his telling of the story (which can be seen on this link), here is the email I just sent to him to let him give us his full [Read More...]

Child Sexual Molestation in Ex-Gay Group

How my heart breaks right now. I was just alerted by a friend to a blog post written this month by Andy Comisky, director of the well known ex-gay Desert Stream Ministires (whose curriculum is used by many churches, such as bestselling author and pastor John Ortberg’s church, Menlo Park), that describes how a staff member “intrinsic [Read More...]

Live Interview Tonight on GLBT Radio Program: The Gay Agenda

Tonight from 7-8pm CST I will be a live guest on James Hipps call-in radio program, The Gay Agenda. You can listen live and call-in live here. Prayers are appriciated. I have no idea what we’ll talk about tonight or where the Q&A will go, but this is such a humbled honor to be on [Read More...]

Speaking at Rochester Institute of Technology and at a LGBT Conference

On Thursday and Friday I will be at the Rochester Institute of Technology, as the gay group and Christian group on campus have joined together to bring me in to talk about practical applications to building bridges on campuses. Honestly, who would have ever thought the gay and conservative Christian groups on campus would come together to [Read More...]

Powerful Implementation of Bridge Building

The following is written by Joel Diaz (host of the podcast Youth Hacks and here is his personal website). When he told me his story based on hearing me speak and reading my book, my heart was taken back. This is so exciting! Go on with you bad self Joel! Much love brother. “This journey began a few [Read More...]

Getting Attacked is like Riding a Bike

Yep, that’s what I feel it’s like. Let’s be honest, I’ve been on a really good run recently with great reviews/conversations/interviews/commentaries/mentions/quotes/etc about my book and work. I’m not naive enough to think this will continue forever. :)   And it hasn’t. And recently, it really hasn’t. But here’s what I’ve realized through this recent wave of [Read More...]

Single People in Church = Gay People in Church

This article was recently published from one of my very favorite publications, RELEVANT Magazine. The title is, “Being Single with Intentionality.” It caught my eye because so often singles in church culture feel as weird and put out as gays and lesbians do. I was speaking recently at Willow Creek and I brought up the [Read More...]

Being Fat vs. Being Gay in the Church

I was asked by über blogger and #1 selling recording artist Carlos Whittaker (Twitter: @loswhit) to do a video response to an email he received from a friend of his who is a pastor that ‘came out’ (even though he is celibate because of a belief in a traditional interpretation of Scripture) and was fired because [Read More...]