Part 2: Language in the Culture War—Reconciliation

Here is the Intro to this series on Language in the Culture War. Reconciliation: The word ‘reconciliation’ has become one of those ugly, politically charged words that bring on a new (and incorrect) cultural understanding of the word’s original intent in definition and usage. The culture war definition of Reconciliation: People (specifically conservative Christians) have to fully [Read More...]

Part 1: Language in the Culture War—Tolerance

Recently there was a vigorous stream of dialogue in the comment sections of some recent posts (here and here), as well as conversations on my most recent Live Chat regarding language within the culture war between conservatives and the GLBT community (and how that language is used). As one of the commenter’s suggested in a post [Read More...]

A Gay Father’s Words to Conservativism

The following is written by Jon, a gay man married to his partner, who also has adopted kids. Jon frequently comments on this blog, and I truly appreciate his thoughtful insight to whatever discussion is ongoing. In some recent ongoing discussions on the blog the question of, would a gay family attend a conservative church, [Read More...]

Article I Wrote for Relevant Magazine

This link takes you to an article I wrote for Relevant Magazine that is published in their September/October 2009 issue. They wanted to “introduce me” to their readership, so half of the article is my background and the other half are a few key lessons I’ve learned along the way. One of the people who [Read More...]

Part 3 – Recent Interview

Andrew Marin: Straight Guy in a Queer World Katherine Britton – News & Culture Editor Here is the final section to the recent Q&A interview I did with (CW). You can check out Part 1 and Part 2. This section focuses on bridge building experiences. CW: What advice to you give to individuals [Read More...]

Part 2 – Recent Interview

Andrew Marin: Straight Guy in a Queer World Katherine Britton – News & Culture Editor This is continued from Part 1 yesterday: CW: In your book you talk a lot about how it’s not your job to go talk to somebody and try to convict them. You say it’s our job to try to [Read More...]

Part 1 – Recent Interview

Andrew Marin: Straight Guy in a Queer World Katherine Britton – News & Culture Editor In high school, Andy Marin admits he was a Bible-banging homophobe who had a habit of calling people “fag.” All that changed in the space of three months, when his three best friends came out to him, leaving him [Read More...]

Part 3 – The Barna Group’s Research on GLBT Spirituality

Fresh off of our riveting discussion about my responses to Barna’s research (here is Part 1 and Part 2), this is the actual article for which I originally answered those questions. Also quoted in the article are: Dr. Warren Throckmorton (see my Blogroll to the right) Dr. Russell Moore (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) Alan Chambers [Read More...]

Another Denomination and Gay Ordination

In the wake of renown evangelical theologian John Piper’s haughty rant about a tornado being God’s judgement on the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America’s (ELCA) pending vote to ordinate gay clergy, an hour ago the ELCA voted to officially affirm partnered gay ministers. This makes the third denomination to do so, following the Episcopal Church and the United [Read More...]

Part 2 – The Barna Group’s Research Study on GLBT Spirituality

Yesterday I gave my responses to a media outlet’s questions (four of eight). Today, I’ll give my response to the other half of their questions. It’s been a great on-going conversation for the first responses that I look forward to continuing, so let me know what you think about these as well: Q5. Do you believe a [Read More...]

Part 1 – The Barna Group’s Research on GLBT Spirituality

The Barna Group recently put out a research study regarding the “Spiritual Profile” of the GLBT community. Since its release I have been asked quite a few questions (by media and by general audiences) about my thoughts regarding their study. Until now I haven’t made any statements because I think this study does not provide anything close [Read More...]

Article I wrote for Relevant’s Neue Quarterly

This link takes you to an article I wrote for the Spring ’09 issue of Neue Quarterly called: It’s Our Fault: Examining the gay vs. Christian Culture War To access the article just: Click on the Article link at the top of the page and head over to my name, it’s on page 39. Have a [Read More...]

2009 Gay Pride Parade Video 11 of 11

Here is my final reflection from walking in the 2009 Chicago Gay Pride Parade and interviewing a variety of people who were all a part of that day as well. Much love. [Read more...]

2009 Gay Pride Parade Video 10 of 11

Short and to the point—this is officially the worst evangelism tool ever found on the face of the earth. Sadness strikes me in great amounts hearing this gay man’s response. Much [Read more...]