Tuesday, Dec. 13th Living in the Tension

For the next Living in the Tension community gathering on Tuesday, December 13th, we will be watching Trembling before G-d. The documentary features intimately told personal stories of Hasidic and Orthodox Jews who are gay and lesbian and gives a window into their lives as they they seek to navigate their religious tradition. Regardless of where [Read More...]

Living in the Tension – Tuesday, November 29

Instead of gathering at our usual meeting place this week for our Living in the Tension community gathering, we will be gathering in the “SAGE Room” on the 2nd floor at the Center on Halsted (3656 N. Halsted St.) at 7pm on Tuesday, November 29th. Br. Michael Oboza, a good friend who regularly attends our [Read More...]

Monday Nov. 7 Living in the Tension

For the upcoming Living in the Tension community gathering on November 7th, our friend Shawn Harrison will be sharing with the group about a part of his journey with faith and sexuality followed by a Q&A portion. Shawn is a youth pastor who has same-sex attractions but has chosen to pursue marriage with his wife [Read More...]

Cowards and Keyboards

It shouldn’t surprise me anymore when socially awkward and scared people in real life become the boldest person ever behind a keyboard. It’s their cover for living a real life that actually makes a difference in other people’s lives. They do it because it’s the best, and most efficient way to be gutless without any [Read More...]

Monday Oct. 17 Living in the Tension

In light of October being LGBT History Month, we will be watching the documentary Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin for our next Living in the Tension community gathering on Monday, October 17th. We will meet at our regular location on 5255 N. Ashland Ave. in Chicago a little earlier at 6:45pm. Bayard Rustin (pictured right with [Read More...]

Tuesday Oct 4 Living in the Tension – Guest Speaker, UK Author & Professor Keith Sharpe

On Tuesday, October 4th at 7pm at 5255 N. Ashland Ave Room 120, British author and professor Keith Sharpe is going to be speaking about his new book The Gay Gospels. He is currently on a book tour throughout the United States and has decided to make a stop in Chicago with us! You can check [Read More...]

Monday Sept. 19 Living in the Tension

We will be meeting this upcoming Monday (September 19th) at 7pm for our Living in the Tension community gathering. We will be continuing our discussion on privilege by touching on cisgender privilege this week. If you are in the area, feel free to join us at 5255 N. Ashland Ave. in Chicago. Hope to see [Read More...]

Part 1: Same $h!% Different Century

In 1864 while making an address at the Sanitary Faire in Baltimore, MD, Abraham Lincoln spoke of the meaning of liberty this way: “We all declare for liberty; but in using the same word we do not all mean the same thing. With some the word liberty may mean for each man to do as [Read More...]

9/8 Living in the Tension Gathering

We will be meeting tonight (September 8th) at 7pm for our next Living in the Tension community gathering. As usual, we will be gathering in Room 120 at 5255 N. Ashland Avenue in Chicago. We will be looking at examples of heterosexual and cisgender privilege and discussing what we can do about it in our [Read More...]

9/11 Walks

I was recently alerted by a good friend to the 9/11 Walks happening all over the world this Sunday, September 11th, on the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I believe these interfaith walks are an important step to continue moving our culture forward in its healing and our constant, and intentional, pursuit of [Read More...]

Faggot is Still Alive

Life in Boystown: As all of you probably know I live in the LGBT neighborhood of Chicago called Boystown, It’s where my friends live, it’s where I hang out, it’s where I go out to eat, where I go to the bank, work out, go grocery shopping and where I get my hair cut. These are the stories of [Read More...]

MTV’s 2011 VMAs

Tonight, with millions of others, I watched MTV’s 2011 Video Music Awards. I enjoyed the comments on Twitter more than I did the actual program. I came away with 6 conclusions from tonight: 1. There are so many young, insanely rich “stars” that sing, act, perform and live completely pointless lives that are driven by [Read More...]

It’s Real… I Hate Some People

I hate some people. It doesn’t make it right, it just makes it real. I’m not trying to self-justify my hate towards some in this world. I just need to get it off my chest. I know it’s strange… Andrew, you’re the one who preaches about love and reconciliation. What’s the deal with hate? Christians [Read More...]

Jay Bakker at Roscoe’s

At our last large Living in the Tension gathering at Roscoe’s in Boystown on July 6th, Jay Bakker was our featured speaker for the night. You can check it out below and the video starts to come in around 20 seconds. You can check out some pictures of the event here. If you have an upcoming [Read More...]