Please Read This…

My great friend Kelly Pope gave me this in much needed encouragement: Teddy Roosevelt was speaking to a group of students in France at the Sorbonne (University of Paris), and this is part of what he had to say to them: “It is not the critic who counts; not the one who points out how [Read More...]

Monday May 23 Living in the Tension

For tonight’s Living in the Tension gathering, Jennifer Carr will be joining us as a guest speaker to share about her journey with her gender diverse child. Jennifer is an author, blogger, public speaker, and advocate for gender diverse individuals. She is the proud mother of a child who started to socially transition to live into [Read More...]

Tuesday May 10 Living in the Tension

On Tuesday, May 10th, we will be meeting at 4003 N. Kenmore Ave. Apt. 3 in Chicago at 6:30pm to watch ‘Becoming Chaz’ and ‘Our America with Lisa Ling: Transgender Lives’. We’re going to grab a bite to eat there before watching ‘Transgender Lives’ at 7pm and then ‘Becoming Chaz’ as it is premiering on Oprah’s [Read More...]

Stonewall Uprising

UPDATE 4/26: If you missed the documentary on PBS, you can now watch it online for the time being here. The following post was written by Kevin Harris, Director of Community Relations at The Marin Foundation. Tonight, April 25th, Stonewall Uprising will be airing on PBS at 9pm (CST). You can check your local listings [Read More...]

Wed April 6 Living in the Tension

We will be hosting our Living in the Tension gathering this Wednesday, April 6th, at 8pm. We will be meeting at our usual location in Room 120 at 5255 N. Ashland Avenue and would love for you to join us if you are in the area. Much love. [Read more...]

March 21st Living in the Tension

We will be hosting a Living in the Tension Community gathering tonight at 7pm and will be screening Almost Myself: Reflections on Mending & Transcending Gender. The movie features the filmmaker’s interviews with a number of transgender women as it relates to their experiences with transitioning (medical, relational, spiritual, etc.) and glimpses into their unfolding journeys [Read More...]

Tues March 8 Living in the Tension

We will be hosting a Living in the Tension community gathering tonight at 7pm. As usual, we will be at 5255 N. Ashland Ave. in Room 120. We will be talking about a clip that was circulated around the internet last year related to the ‘Princess Boy‘ and gender roles. We hope to see you there! [Read More...]

Living in the Tension Community Gathering

As there was a recent protest last weekend that involved a Catholic church and a gay activist group, we will be meeting to discuss the positives and negatives of that particular medium of engagement along with your thoughts on how groups that are adamantly opposed to one another can move forward in a productive manner [Read More...]

I Have a Brilliant Idea, Let’s Protest the Protesters

A few weeks back The Marin Foundation was called by a Catholic church in Chicago. They were calling because they got word that a gay activist group was going to be protesting their church on behalf of all the LGBT people who don’t like the Catholic church’s stance on gay marriage. Over the last few [Read More...]

Arguing is Pointless

Peter Bregman writes a weekly column called How We Work at Harvard Business and is a regular contributor at CNN.  He speaks, writes, and consults about how to lead and how to live. He is the CEO of Bregman Partners, Inc., a global management consulting firm, and advises CEOs and their leadership teams. You can sign up to be notified when he [Read More...]

Tues Jan 18 Living in the Tension

After a break for the holidays, we’re starting up our gatherings again! Our next Living in the Tension will be Tuesday January 18th at 7pm; 5255 N. Ashland Ave Room 120. We will be discussing sexual identity, identity formation and labels. Hope to see you there! Much love. [Read more...]

Get Out of the Four Walls of Your Church

The following post was written by Kevin Harris, Director of Community Relations at The Marin Foundation. Over the years I have become increasingly convinced that serving alongside individuals that are different than you is necessary for reconciliation to come about. A couple years after finishing college, I signed up with AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps [Read More...]

Part 2: Life in Boystown

Recently I started an on-going series called Life in Boystown, which will chronicle some of the unique moments of what it means for me to live where I do. Here is the second installment: The other day I was riding on the bus down the main strip of Boystown and was reading Mother Teresa’s book [Read More...]

Living in the Tension Gathering

We will be changing things up tomorrow for our Living in the Tension gathering on Thursday, December 2nd. The Executive Director at Emmaus Ministries, Jonathan Hancock, has been gracious enough to share with our group about the work that they are doing to help men caught in prostitution to get off the streets of Chicago. We [Read More...]