13 Most Viewed Posts of 2013

Check out the 13 most viewed posts in 2013 on our Love Is an Orientation blog! Topics range from a man’s wife coming out, to the United Nations, to big news from pastors Louie Giglio and Steve Chalke, to the major LGBT news of 2013 with the rulings on DOMA and Prop 8, and Exodus International closing. [Read more…]

Top 20 Most Viewed Posts of All Time

I first started blogging September 13, 2008. This was the first post I ever wrote. My blog was originally hosted on Blogger from 2008-2009, then on my own hosted site from 2010-2012. Since 2013 it has been hosted here at Patheos. Note that I linked all of the posts to my current Patheos blog, which is [Read More…]

Top Posts of 2013, Thus Far…

We have reached the six month mark of 2013. Lots has happened already! Here are the thirteen most viewed posts from the first half of 2013: 1. My Response to Dan Savage’s Accusations about The Marin Foundation in the New York Times (April 14) 2. Andrew Marin on Alan Chambers and the Closing of Exodus [Read More…]

My Response to Dan Savage’s Accusations about The Marin Foundation in the New York Times

This post is Andrew Marin’s response to Dan Savage’s accusations about The Marin Foundation, which appear in the Sunday April 14th edition of The New York Times. [Read more…]

Top Posts from January 2013

January was my first full month blogging on Patheos. I look forward to many, many more exciting months and years to come! This past month there were 47 total posts, including 28 posts from My One Sentence Bible series (which covered the second half of the Book of Luke and beginning of the Book of [Read More…]

Top 12 Posts of 2012

Here are the Top 12 posts from my blog in 2012 (most of which first appeared on my previous blog, which is why when you click on their links on this new blog it looks like no one had read them). I am counting only posts written in 2012, even though some of my pre-2012 posts [Read More…]

Top 12 Movies of 2012

I love to go to the movies with my wife Brenda. I watched about 30 this past year. Here is my list of the Top 12 Movies of 2012. As an added bonus, also listed the 4 Worst Movies of 2012. What was your Best and Worst movie of 2012? [Read more…]

The New Blog is Live

I’m super excited to have my new blog now live on Patheos! I legitimately love and respect a number of Patheos bloggers (Timothy Dalrymple, Scot McKnight, Tony Jones, Christian Piatt,  Kurt Willems, among others – and the occasional disagreement with my frienemy Hemant Mehta). Intelligent dialogue can never be overrated, and I look forward to [Read More…]

Exciting News About This Blog

As of today I have exciting news about the future of this blog… It will be moving to Patheos, the largest religion site on the interwebs. My blog will be housed in the Evangelical Portal with some heavy hitters such as Scot McKnight et. al. Today the contract was signed and the move is eminent – within [Read More…]

Top 11 Posts of 2011

As I noticed on Adam McLane’s blog, he posted some fun stuff recapping 2011 on his blog. So I think I’ll copy his post’s idea. Thanks Adam In 2011, my blog had 182 posts, 1,229 comments and just over 160,000 unique visitors. Top 11 Posts of 2011: [Bonus: 12. Go and Sin No More] 11. I’m Sorry Campaign [Read More…]

Top Read Posts of 2010

Here are the top 12 most read posts of 2010 from this blog. I guess everyone loves the drama! 6 of the top 8 posts are all related to me responding to some intense critics. This is a great lesson for me, because if I didn’t know it before, people actually do pay attention to how I respond. [Read More…]

The Reader Survey

This blog is for you. Along with being able to share some of what I have learned along my journey, it’s a space where I hope we can learn to dialogue about faith, sexuality, and culture  in a peaceful and productive manner with others coming from different backgrounds and world views. Therefore, I want to [Read More…]

Winner of Blog Anniversary Signed Book Contest is…

Chad Willingham! Chad, your number got randomly picked from the 37 entries! Please email me andrew@themarinfoundation.org with your address so I can send you the autographed copy of my book. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to everyone who entered. Let’s pray for more years to come… Much love from me to you! Andrew [Read more…]

2 Year Anniversary of this Blog!

Today, September 13th, is the 2 year anniversary of when I wrote my first ever blog. Here is the first blog post I ever wrote. And for the record, because of that post we were able to give a $250 donation to their non-profit that clothed and fed parent-less Iraqi children because of the war. [Read More…]