Unbelievable: My Book Wins its 5th Award!

This is just amazing! I just found out that Love is an Orientation just won its 5th national book award. Outreach Magazine gave Love is an Orientation their Culture Award for the Outreach Resources of the Year. You can see the release here. As I was writing this book during May and June of 2008, [Read More…]

Love is an Orientation Wins its 4th Award!

Wow. This one’s a big one! The widely read and extremely respected publication Leadership Journal has just announced that Love is an Orientation won The Golden Canon Leadership Award for being selected as one of the Best 10 Overall Books of 2009. Here is the release. I’m speechless. For real. Thank you all so much for [Read More…]

Another Award!

Wow. I can’t say anymore than I’ve already said about how unexpected and special this whole book thing has been, both in regards to the impact that it has had and how it has been received by both the GLBT (secular and religious) and conservative religious communities. Love is an Orientation just recieved its third award, being listed in a [Read More…]

4th Printing

Speaking of books in 2009, I just got a card in the mail from my publisher letting me know that the newly award winning Love is an Orientation just went into it’s 4th printing! That’s cray … 8 months and 4 printings later the message is really getting out there. Thanks so much everyone for reading [Read More…]

Gay Publication Reviews My Book

Here is a link I just saw from the Dallas Voice (“The Premier Media Source for LGBT Texas” ), who printed a review of my book back in August. I was very humbled by the author, a gay Jewish man, honest assessment of where he thought I was coming from. I know he doesn’t agree with some of what I [Read More…]

My Book = RELEVANT MAG Top 20

I just got some awesome news from my publisher. RELEVANT Magazine named Love is an Orientation as one of their Top 20 Best Overall Books of 2009. Here is the release. So crazy humbling. I never thought this stuff would happen. Wow. What a great birthday present today. Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more…]

Love is an Orientation Wins an Award!

Enough of the heavy stuff for today after yesterday’s prayer – I need a break, and I’m sure you need one from me too! I’ve got exciting news that I found out last night: It’s a major award! (Unfortunately due to copyright issues I couldn’t post one of the best clips of all time: ‘F-R-A-G-I-L-E … It’s [Read More…]

Recent Reviews of my Book

Here is a recent review of my book – it was very humbling to read. Here is another review of my book – he didn’t think that I clearly articulated the gospel and he didn’t like that I didn’t clearly state my thoughts about homosexuality and sin (although I think I did … just not in [Read More…]

Cool Review from the UK

Review of Andrew Marin’s “Love is an Orientation” from Peter Ould on Vimeo. I ran across this video review of my book from Peter Ould in the UK. Here is his blog. In light of some of the harsh, and extremely vocal and public words from a small percentage in the Christian community in the UK have had for [Read More…]

You Did It!

After all of your hard work, it’s finally done! Love is an Orientation is now on Kindle. Here is the page on Amazon. How exciting. Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more…]

Help Get My Book on Kindle!

After a long back and forth between my publisher and Amazon regarding a Kindle version of my book, there has finally been some movement. In order for Love is an Orientation to be on Kindle now, Amazon says there “needs to be much demand” from the public. Don’t ask me why (get ready for a [Read More…]

Most Thorough Review of My Book

In honor of flying out early in the morning to speak in the United Kingdom for the next 10 days, here is a link to the most thorough review of my book I’ve ever seen … it’s almost as long as my book itself!  The review was published in one of the UK’s most prominent Christian publications, Fulcrum, done [Read More…]

Very Touching Review of My Book

My ‘Google Alerts’ just sent me this review of my book. Very, very touching. Just thought I’d share it with you all because right now I’m in tears. Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more…]

Interview on Catholic Radio

This afternoon at 2:20pm CST I’ll be a live guest on the Al Kresta Show. They describe themselves as: Heard on over 120 stations and Sirius Satellite, Kresta in the Afternoon looks at all areas of life through the lens of Scripture and the teaching of the Catholic Church and takes on all comers. Over [Read More…]