Love Is an Orientation Promo Video is Here!

So exciting! It’s almost release day for our new Love Is an Orientation DVD Curriculum which is set to release on December 13th (for those of you not in North America it will release January 1 through your respective Amazon sites and the Zondervan website). This new resource will be for any church, university, non-profit, organization, clinic, [Read More…]

Audio: My Recent Sermon on Community

This past Sunday I preached both services at Restore Community Church in Liberty, MO, just outside of Kansas City. The series was on Poverty in Your Own Backyard, and they asked me to preach on Poverty of Community. I thought the only way to understand what a poverty of community is, one must first understand [Read More…]

The Marin Foundation’s DVD Curriculum

The past few days we have been finishing the filming for our new DVD curriculum. You can find more details about it here. Pictures from the behind the scenes of our time at the different locations with our different teaching sessions, intros and interviews, will be posted soon! Here is one that was taken yesterday [Read More…]

Love People More

The following post was written by Nathan Albert, Director of Pastoral Care at The Marin Foundation. “A NEW command I give you: love one another.  As I have loved you so you must love one another.  By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”  “You have heard [Read More…]

My Love Affair with Those That Reek of Jesus

I’m flying to Dallas today to teach two classes until August 8th at the Salvation Army South Region Territorial Youth Institute. One of the five day classes is on Bridge Building, the other five day class is on How to Study the Bible. Last year I spent a week with them teaching and it was [Read More…]

My Understanding of Radical Love

I am a Christian, so I know love. I know love because I am loved. Unconditionally. I know what love is supposed to look and feel like. I know how I am supposed to love because Jesus invented the come-as-you-are-culture. Therefore if I am a believer in Jesus I must follow in his ways. The [Read More…]

A Society of Fences

The following post was written by Nathan Albert, Director of Pastoral Care at The Marin Foundation. I took a walk through my hometown the other day. It’s enjoyable as an adult to relive childhood memories. As I walked, I realized fences are everywhere. Our family didn’t have a fence around our yard. We lived on [Read More…]

Filming our New DVD Project

For the rest of this week we (and LGBT friends of ours we’re bringing in to speak) will be filming our new DVD project with Zondervan! Please pray for us to clearly communicate this bridge building message (and for the weather!). Looking forward to giving updates… Much love. [Read more…]

Humbled by Mention from LGBT website

The LGBT site MyOutSpirit recently wrote a really special (in my mind) article comparing The Marin Foundation’s work in the neighborhood of Boystown to a number of other incarnational organizations focused on love, including Mother Teresa’s work in India. You can read the full article here. MyOutSpirit gets us. They see that we’re here in [Read More…]

Article at

Dr. John Corvino wrote an article at about LGBTs being defined by their sexuality instead of a number of other facets that make up a person’s fully identity. John contacted me before he published the article because in it he writes about The Marin Foundation and the infamous Chapter 2 of my book. He and [Read More…]

Love: A Short Summary

Love Measurable expressions of unconditional behaviors. It’s an overwhelming relentless story of the redemption of life, love and faith. The beautiful struggle of an intense journey of reconciliation can only leave everyone involved irrevocably changed. There is no other option. Truth is the only reality. Much love. [Read more…]

Big Announcement on New Publishing Project!

The Marin Foundation team is very excited to announce that we have officially signed a contract with Zondervan Publishers to produce a six session DVD, with a Participant Guide, on building bridges! This new resource will be for any church, university, non-profit, organization, clinic, community center, small group of friends or individuals interested in what it means to not only [Read More…]

God. Gay People. Single People. Church. Valentine’s Day.

In most cases single people are treated as crappy in church cirlces as LGBTs. Who cares what others think of you. Love yourself because God loves you THAT much. Happy Valentine’s Day. Much love. [Read more…]

My Book Is Now Available on Your Phone and iPad

I just received an email from my publisher alerting me to the fact that Love is an Orientation is now available in the Google eBookstore! That means that you can now electronically buy my book for your: Android phone iPhone, iPad and iTouch On the web on your computer Nook and Sony’s e-readers Sweet! Here is [Read More…]