Conforming Toward Normalcy

Even though for many there is no longer a need to conform to conservative or Christian values, the felt needs to conform towards normalcy are no less intense. Just look to the popular MTV show Catfish. This docudrama details the all-too-common scenario of fake personalities online engaging in emotionally invested relationships that also happen online. The hook of Catfish [Read More…]

Such a Bridge Is Possible

“When trapped in a power-based system where the dominant entity dictates cultural normalcy, anything outside the traditional realm of what is commonly understood as acceptable is automatically viewed by those in charge as sketchy and unreliable. It is almost as if it is their job as “protectors of the way things are” to undermine any new work and [Read More…]

Impact Trumps Power

“Current culture war ideology says with correctness comes power. Add on to that the fact that many in today’s power-based culture believe that power is the key factor which influences the masses. However, something more important trumps power: impact. Having power is one thing. Having the ability to earn high levels of buy-in by the [Read More…]

On Fidelity

The pressure to convince the other of your correctness fosters defensiveness. Commitment to the long view of sustained in-person interaction between strongly opposed worldviews is never an easy process. Yet, sustainable connections almost always rearrange false assumptions. This does not mean all will agree. It does mean that a new awakening of deeper levels of [Read More…]

An Ethic of Inclusion

Practicing an ethic of inclusion does not mean that in order for opposing worldviews to come together there must be a lack of conviction on the part of any of the participants. Too often, partisan activists see an inclusion of the other as a fatal weakness in the bridge building process.  I see no such thing. [Read More…]

Building Bridges

Inherent within bridge building is the necessity to intentionally partner and work with both worldviews.  One cannot build a bridge without both worldviews present, and further: Both of the opposing worldviews must be actively engaged in the work. Both must put down the fear of going against the cultural grain of “acceptable” engagement and be [Read More…]

Building Bridges Instead of Armies

I define building an army as an agent that seeks a following of people that look like them, talk like them, act and think like them, vote like them, believe like them, choose like them, work like them, and exist in the same sphere as them.  Anyone can do that.  Anyone. It takes no boldness, faith, [Read More…]

Taking Small Steps

Until the body of Christ believes that peaceful productivity with gays and lesbians is actually an option, how can we ever expect it to happen?  This is the first main step to how Christians begin to elevate the conversation past a street fight.  It’s a lot like the first step God commanded Joshua to take [Read More…]