Part 2: I’m Sorry Campaign Video from Atlanta Gay Pride

In this video I interview seven gay teenage guys about their experiences with the Church and thoughts they have on moving forward. Much love. [Read more...]

Part 1: I’m Sorry Campaign 2010 Atlanta Gay Pride

Our recent I’m Sorry experiment at this past Chicago Gay Pride blew up. We never expected anything like that to happen. Since, something like 28,000 people ‘liked’ it on Facebook, our Director of Pastoral Care Nathan Albert’s post about hugging a man in his underwear has been viewed almost a half a million times in [Read More...]

Video of Tony Campolo Speaking at our Living in the Tension Gathering

Dr. Tony Campolo speaks at Roscoes in Chicago, IL from The Marin Foundation on Vimeo. Here is the video you all have been waiting for… Much love. [Read more...]

What the ‘Hell’?

This morning I woke up and had four Facebook postings on my wall waiting for me, all from a guy who said following (and yes, these are the actual messages): “You are a false prophet leading others into hell. Everyone needs to turn away from Andrew Marin now. The Lord is coming and will not [Read More...]

Review of my Book and Work on Sojourners Blog – God’s Politics

Here is the link that Ron Sider, President of Evangelicals for Social Action, a professor and director of the Sider Center on Ministry and Public Policy at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, wrote on Jim Wallis’ really well read blog about my book. He gave some praises as well as some critiques. I thought it was [Read More...]

Conservative theologian REALLY doesn’t like me, or anyone ASSOCIATED with me

Dr. Robert Gagnon (who wrote this book and this book), Associate Professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, just published a 24 PAGE critique of me, my work, my book and everyone who is associated with me. Here is the introduction to his critique (italics are mine): “Andrew Marin’s book, Love is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with [Read More...]

Part 3: The Marin Foundation Featured on the 700 Club

The Future of this Bridge Building Work There was one quick sentence that the reporter Heather Sells said in the segment that was quite profound: “It may take years to understand Marin’s impact on the Church and the LGBT community” How true that statement actually is. In today’s on-demand culture there is an expectation of the immediate. People [Read More...]

The Marin Foundation is getting a New Website!

Yes! Our current website hasn’t been updated in about 2 years…why we’ve pretty much been using this blog as The Marin Foundation organizational website as well. The reason? Our current TMF website is HTML and none of us know anything about that. So we’re working with McLane Creative to come up with a new, fresh and totally awesome [Read More...]

Part 2: The Marin Foundation Featured on the 700 Club

Validation vs. Affirmation: There are some who are very upset about my understanding of validation and affirmation. Here is a more in-depth explanation. I find these critiques strange because many people in both communities love, and I mean love to talk about being ‘inclusive’ or ‘focused on outreach’. What that actually means these days is that inclusive people or [Read More...]

Part 1: The Marin Foundation Featured on the 700 Club

Last week the 700 Club aired a segment about the work of The Marin Foundation. We have gotten quite a response – both positive and negative; and so has the 700 Club (I just got an email from them which said that this video is one of their most watched videos ever – and with [Read More...]

Why I Keep Doing This

I just posted the interview on a conservative Christian radio program in which, let’s just say, they didn’t appreciate my approach. Since that interview yesterday I’ve gotten quite a few emails/Facebooks/etc from people asking me why I would keep doing this work and continue to get pounded on by both communities? Here are two quick answers [Read More...]

I Got Smashed Live On Air by Conservative Christians

Yesterday, Monday, I was live on air on Moody Radio’s Morning Ride with Mark Elfstrand. This interview came about as I was alerted by a friend about two weeks ago that the Morning Ride was talking some heavy trash about me, my organization and our I’m Sorry Campaign at the Gay Pride Parade. Not only [Read More...]

Part 3: Note to Skeptics

Public Statement: The work of The Marin Foundation is to build bridges between the LGBT community and a variety of faith communities through education, scientific research and diverse community gatherings. We are a movement shaped by bold individuals of reconciliation; whose orientation is one of love, who live in the tension of different social, theological [Read More...]

Part 8: Video Interviews from Chicago Gay Pride Parade

I asked this person: What would you think/do if a straight Christian came up to you and said I’m Sorry for how the Church has treated you, etc… His answer is the most powerful thing I’ve heard any LGBT person say regarding the power of I’m Sorry. Much love. [Read more...]