Part 2: Pics from Gay Pride Parade

In order to save me some time of uploading hoard of photos ( ) you can see a great batch of Parade photos that we just uploaded on The Marin Foundation’s new Facebook page. Or, if you want a huge selection of every size, shape and color from the Parade (literally), please visit here, our new friend Michelle’s site – [Read More…]

Part 2: Video Interviews at 2010 Gay Pride Parade

Believe me, ‘he ain’t sorry!’ Much love. [Read more…]

I Couldn’t Be More Proud at Pride, You Know, In a Humble Way Of Course

Photo credit to Michelle at MalAdjusted Media You HAVE GOT TO READ the powerful story of why this man in his underwear is hugging us! It’s one of the most powerful experiences I’ve encountered in a long time. Thanks to Nathan Albert, Director of Pastoral Care for The Marin Foundation, who chronicled this on his blog. [Read More…]

Part 1: Pride Parade 2010 Pics

Here are some pictures from yesterday. This batch is just our group. I’ll throw some others of the actual parade tomorrow: [Read more…]

Part 1: Video Interviews of 2010 Chicago Gay Pride Parade

Yesterday at the 2010 Chicago Gay Pride Parade The Marin Foundation was rolling almost 30 deep (consisting of the scope of our organization from secular LGBT people, to gay Christians to celibate to ex-gay to liberal and conservative straight Christians to secular straight people) who were all wearing black shirts with the words I’m Sorry in [Read More…]

Important Research Needs Your Help!

As many of you know, over the last four years The Marin Foundation has been running what has turned in to the largest national scientific research study ever done in the LGBT community regarding spirituality and religion. We have over 2,000 national participants from all 50 States (51 if you include DC), and neither one [Read More…]

The Marin Foundation’s New Facebook Page

The Marin Foundation is creating a new home on Facebook. We’re moving from a ‘group’ page to a ‘fan’ page, because it has more capabilities and no limit on numbers of people who can join. We’ll be closing down our old ‘group’ page at the end of the week. You can access our new page here. Join [Read More…]

I Support the Golden Rule Pledge

Coming up is the National Day of Silence, where GLBT youth and their allies vow to not talk today at school to bring awareness to the name-calling, bullying and harassment of them in schools. In response to this day there are many Christians out there who decide to pull their kids out of school in [Read More…]

Sunday Tithe

It’s Sunday, which according to Western-inspired Church, this means that it’s the day to donate. Look what you all have done! We’re up to $53,000 for this year! Let me put this in persepctive: From 2005-2008 the most The Marin Foundation ever recieved in donations in an entire year was $52,000! I’m not lying! To [Read More…]

Sunday Update on Fundraising

Today I’m speaking in Irvine, CA at Mariners Church (no relation ) at their Lumen131 event. Each of the four people speaking get 20 minutes to communicate one big idea, and then we each have a 40 minute Q&A to follow. I’m really looking forward to this. Although, me and just 1 idea? I’ll try… As for [Read More…]

Part 7: I Need Help

I wanted to update everyone on the fundraising. First off, I have to sincerely thank you all for your generosity. Since Part 1 of this series three weeks ago, you all have given $10,000! I’m serious … $10,000. I can’t believe it. I am so humbled I don’t know what to say, other than Thank [Read More…]

Part 6: I Need Help

The Marin Foundation Revenue Plan 2010 Goal: For The Marin Foundation to become more of an ongoing resource within bridge building throughout faith, sexuality and culture for our partners that they might give on a more consistent basis. Strategic Direction: To achieve a sustainable donation stream. Objective:  To develop a revenue plan that will raise [Read More…]

Part 5: I Need Help

Even though The Marin Foundation has existed on well under $100,000 per year, the following is the best case scenario budget for 2010, where The Marin Foundation can run full steam. The key to this budget are the Trainings. Right now, it kills me that The Marin Foundation can only go train entities that are [Read More…]

Part 4: I Need Help

I am the most un-technologically advanced 28 year-old on the face of the earth. Here’s another example: I have the PDF’s of all of The Marin Foundation’s tax returns, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to put them on my blog because for whatever reason they can’t be attached like [Read More…]