What does ‘Living in Sin’ Actually Mean?

I’ve been thinking about this question a lot lately. I often hear straight Christians talk about the GLBT community as ‘living in sin’. What does that mean? I’m being serious. My default is: Are we not all literally living in sin, no matter who we are or what we’re doing (Romans 3:23)? James 2:10 (my translation) says: “If [Read More...]

Being Fat vs. Being Gay in the Church

I was asked by über blogger and #1 selling recording artist Carlos Whittaker (Twitter: @loswhit) to do a video response to an email he received from a friend of his who is a pastor that ‘came out’ (even though he is celibate because of a belief in a traditional interpretation of Scripture) and was fired because [Read More...]

Part 2: Airport Signs and Theological Deepness

This video is hilarious! Watch what TSA does while I’m trying to communicate some super deepness… How much do you want to bet I’m going to land on one of those “watch lists” at the airport from here on out  Yesterday’s services went great…I will post the audio from my sermon as soon as LaSalle St Church [Read More...]

Part 1: Airport Signs and Theological Deepness

I was in the airport recently and saw this sign. It felt awfully familiar to many of our bridge building efforts between the church and the gay community, so I expounded a little. What do you think? PS – I am preaching both services tomorrow (9 and 11am) at LaSalle St. Church in Chicago. I’ll be [Read More...]

Part 7: United Kingdom

This weekend I am speaking at a Salvation Army conference on my theological and missiological understanding of Scripture in regards to bridge building. Here is a small intro to what I will talk about. And thanks to this United Kingdom series I coincidentally was asked the exact question: Are there particular biblical principles of mission and evangelism [Read More...]

Part 4: United Kingdom

Over the next couple of days I will be posting a Q & A I did with Dr. Andrew Goddard, Professor of Christian Ethics at Trinity College, and editor of the UK’s Anvil Theological Journal. He asked me 14 questions, some of which you all have heard me answer before. So instead of posting any repeated [Read More...]

My Painful Confession

I wrote this prayer this morning after dumping my guts out to the Lord. I thought after-the-fact that I would share it with you all to let you into my head, heart and soul within this journey I’m on. The following is not a blame game, nor am I ever pretending that I am in any way the [Read More...]

Faithfulness: The New Evangelism

I just started reading the book of Ezekiel (as you can tell by My One Sentence Bible from today) on my yearly trek to read the Bible from cover to cover. To me, the overarching principles of the book of Ezekiel speak loud and clear about what it means to live a faithful Christian life—to [Read More...]

Rich? Yes Please…

Yesterday was Black Friday and I got up at 3:20am so I could go shopping and get everyone I loved something really special. I want to briefly give you my Philosophy of Money and Spending: I give more to the Lord than I can “afford” and then I spend the rest blessing those really special [Read More...]

Video of my Sermon from Newsong Church in Irvine, CA

Joose – August 16, 2009 from Newsong Church on Vimeo. Here is my sermon (called: Aligning Our Expectations) from yesterday at Newsong Church, where Dave Gibbons (who just spoke at the infamous Willow Creek Leadership Summit) is the senior pastor. This was such a humbling experience. [Especially since I am secretly obsessed with Dave and [Read More...]

Empire Carpet Theology

Brenda and I are looking for new flooring (still deciding if we should put in hardwood or that cool shag-type carpet). Anyway, we called Empire Carpet and they had a super-sailor-foul-mouthed man come over. Among his ramblings of which I paid no attention, he saw that I had a lot of religious books on my [Read More...]

Why God Doesn’t Answer Prayers

This is a question that has been on my heart a lot recently for a few different reasons. I have prayed for many things in my life that have not been answered—some of which are theologically important to me: Why am I me and given the inherent right that comes with being a straight, white [Read More...]

My New Painting

This is a painting that I commissioned Scott Erickson, an artist friend of mine, to paint. Scott has painted in some huge venues to some really big time people, so this is a big honor for me. This painting is a deconstructed cross with the following words overlaid: LoveBridge BuildingUnconditionalFaithSexualityCultureTensionImmersionGLBTListenJames 2:10Matthew 7:1-2Romans 5:3-4 This paining [Read More...]

Lord Judge Me According to My Integrity

I was reading Psalm 7 the other day and I noticed something that I had never noticed before: Awake, my God; decree justice. Let the assembled people gatheraround you. Rule over them from on high;let the LORD judge the peoples. Judge me, O LORD, according to my righteousness,according to my integrity, O Most High. O [Read More...]