Go Get It

This is a picture of the famous American author and philosopher Henry D. Thoreau. Ok, so he’s not a good looking dude … but none the less he had some really challenging and thought provoking things to say throughout his life. I have a magnet on my refrigerator with a quote of his: “Go confidently [Read More…]

What Happens When you Dream Big and Fully Give Your Life to the Lord?

Crazy things like this happen: (Picture of Andrew Marin speaking to a packed house at the NHL’s Nashville Predator’s arena at the Youth Specialties National Convention) The word is getting out—the movement is happening—there will be a bridge built between the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and religious communities. All the Lord needs is just one [Read More…]

I Heart Haters (Or at least I try)

So I guess I couldn’t just go off quietly into the holidays now that I actually have some free time post-book editing. I’ll post about that in the upcoming days, but let me just tell you I went on a couple 60 hour stretches where I only got anywhere from 2-4 hours per sleep per [Read More…]

Prayer for the Faithful

Thank you Lord for this opportunity to Be;For this opportunity to be Yours. Our prayers, wants, hopes and desires – We pray them knowing what we pray and the end result we yearn to see,but can never know or understand the Kingdom ramifications of how You are going to get those simple, yet passionate and [Read More…]

Prayer and Biblical Leadership

I believe that I can communicate directly with my Heavenly Father. We have conversations. Crazy or not, I know what is true and I know the Lord of the universe loves to be in close relationship with his children who are made in his image. I’m not special … this communication is not just an [Read More…]