My 10 Top Tweets of 2012 (by RT)

I was just reading some of my favorite blogs and came across a fun post by Tony Jones on his top tweets of 2012, determined by how many times said tweets were retweeted. That got me thinking, what were my most retweeted tweets of the past year? So thanks to Tony’s idea, here are my [Read More…]

Who was St. Nicholas in Real Life?

Merry Christmas! If you have ever wondered who St. Nicholas actually was in real life, you have got to read this!!! The post was written by theologian Peter Enns, who happens to not only blog here at Patheos but is also a professor of the Old and New Testaments at my graduate school alma mater, Eastern [Read More…]

Here’s Hoping the Mayans are Right

The Mayan Calendar says the world is going to end on Friday, December 21, 2012. That’s tomorrow. Humanity has had a good run, and thus, I’m holding an End of the World Party tonight. [Read more…]

8:56am on Dec 16th

So today is my birthday! The big 3-2. What a strange 32 years it’s been thus far. Today is going to be a great, and full day, celebrating with family at my Mom and Dad’s house in the suburbs. In that fullness, thanks for your offer, but really, I don’t need any presents. What, what [Read More…]

[Repost] May 31st The Marin Foundation is hosting a free Jennifer Knapp Concert!

We’re excited to be welcoming Jennifer Knapp for a stop on her Inside Out Faith tour at our next large group Living in the Tension community gathering at Roscoe’s in Chicago on 3356 N. Halsted Street. The event will be start at 7pm on Thursday, May 31st. The free event is being co-sponsored by the LGBT center in Chicago, Center on Halsted, [Read More…]

I Can’t Return Your Call Right Now

Hello… Just a quick note, my cell phone broke last week while I was speaking at Anderson University and I just got a new one yesterday. Because I made the switch in carriers so I could change my phone from a Blackberry to an iPhone, the “porting” takes up to 24 hours. So if you [Read More…]

Huge Opportunity to Learn on Saturday Dec 17th

Great friend and consultant for The Marin Foundation, Adam McLane, will be in Chicago on Saturday December 17th hosting two of his widely popular workshops on Growing Your Business (and non-proft, church and ministry) through Mail Chimp, Blogging, YouTube, Social Media, etc. Adam is a flat out expert. The Marin Foundation will be there in [Read More…]

Being Fully Present

The next post in this series on identity in relation to faith and sexuality is from Kevin Harris. Kevin is the Director of Community Relations and the Administrative Assistant at The Marin Foundation. What? Why do you identify as gay? Aren’t you a Christian? Bring up the topic of homosexuality and identity (or gender identity [Read More…]

A Second “Coming Out”

The next post in this series on identity is from John Smid. John is the Director of Grace Rivers Ministry in Germantown, TN. John is married to his wife of 22 years, Vileen, and the proud father of two children and four grandchildren. As a child there was little discussion about homosexuality. I recognized that [Read More…]

Coming Out Christian

Over the next couple weeks, we will be featuring some guest posts from gay and lesbian Christians (and those who do not identify as such while experiencing same-sex attractions) as they will be sharing some of their thoughts on identity and a part of their own journey with faith and sexuality. The first post comes [Read More…]

Cracking the Amazon Ranking Code

Note – This is a completely fun and unscientific analysis of Amazon Every author will tell you they don’t look at their Amazon ranking for a number of reasons like: –Ranking only takes into account the books (print or digital) sold on Amazon, and not in book stores or on Google Books or iBooks or [Read More…]

Part 1: Q&A with theologian and professor Scot McKnight about his new book, One.Life

I love Scot McKnight. I love his balanced thoughts, writing and his ability to communicate what many need to hear – but not necessarily want to hear. He’s the real deal … not just in his academic work but also as a person and friend. I read Scot’s new book, One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow, [Read More…]

Interviews: A Mother’s Story

For the next two weeks I, Kevin Harris Director of Community Relations at The Marin Foundation, will be posting interviews with individuals that have been gracious enough to share part of their journey for those of you that read this blog. In interviewing individuals that are coming from very different places regarding their beliefs, experiences, [Read More…]

Emails, Emails, Emails!

As of this second I have 1,622 emails waiting for me. I’m not talking about spam, I’m talking about real people wanting real responses. It’s not that I don’t respond to emails, it’s just that I get so many everyday from people all over the world that unless I spend all day every work-day responding to email, [Read More…]