Definitions of Enemy, Hater and Critic

Before I get any further into this series, I think I should define what I understand as an enemy, hater and critic. Enemy: The dictionary defines an enemy as one that is antagonistic to another. I actually don’t see that definition suitable for what I believe is an enemy. The dictionary definition of an enemy [Read More...]

Don’t Know What Happened to the Comments!

Hi Everyone – This afternoon I updated my IntenseDebate Comment plugin, and I am just now noticing that I have deleted every single comment that has ever been written on every single post! This is not good… I’ll try to figure it out as soon as possible. UGH! I hope I haven’t screwed everything up permanently [Read More...]

Quick Update on Me

Hello! Sorry for the week lay-off on the blog. It happened for a few reasons: 1. Man, my fractured foot really hurt. And since we just moved apartments we didn’t have the internet, so the only place I could get the internet was on my phone or at the office. I don’t trust myself to [Read More...]

Part 1: Gay Marriage

Last week I received an email from Christianity Today asking me to give a 60 word comment on my thoughts regarding the “Gospel Response to the Prop 8 Decision.” I did … and so did a number of other evangelical folks. I am starting a Gay Marriage series today based on my quote. Here is [Read More...]

Yep, I Fractured My Left Foot

4 days ago I fractured my left foot playing in the staff/delegate softball game while teaching at the Salvation Army Institute, hence the reason I haven’t been online recently. It was only a few short years ago that I played Division I baseball in college, but boy does that seem like forever ago now I’ve [Read More...]

Off the Grid

Until July 25th I will be in Vienna, Austria for the World AIDS Conference speaking with the United Nations AIDS (UNA), both their global and domestic programs. I don’t know how much time I will have to blog, so no promises… Prayers for this time are appriciated. Much love. [Read more...]

Hacker Hates This Blog

If you all came on my blog yesterday you noticed there was a nasty virus trying to entice you to click on it. This is the second time this same virus has pestered my blog. Just a note – if you ever see anything like that, DON’T CLICK IT! Thank God my awesome blog guy, [Read More...]

I Just Changed My Twitter Name to @Andrew_Marin

On the right sidebar on my blog you will notice a link that says: Follow Me. It’s for Twitter. Well, that link doesn’t work anymore because I just changed my twitter name from @LovesMeSomeYou to @Andrew_Marin. The link will be fixed next week. How did this change come about? For many weeks now some of my social media savvy friends have been [Read More...]

I. Can’t. Believe. It.

For the very first time in my entire life, a sports team I care about has WON A CHAMPIONSHIP! (And when the Bears won in 1985 I was only 4 years old and vaguely remember). My entire career as a die-hard fan of the Cubs, Blackhawks and Bears (I’m not a Bulls fan – not a fan of [Read More...]

Just Added a New Feature

Sweet! My technologically inept self just figured out how to add a Comment-Thread Reply button to every comment that gets posted on my blog. Now we can have individual conversations in each post, as well as corporate conversations. I’m really proud of myself If someone makes a comment and you would like to respond directly [Read More...]

Recent Silence

Hi everyone. I feel like I should apologize for the recent silence on my blog. I’ve gotten a few emails/etc asking what’s up and why I’m not posting everyday like I usually do. Mostly it’s because of this. The other reason is because I’m in such a fragile state right now emotionally from the aforementioned link, [Read More...]

Quick Update on My Life

First off, let me apologize for being an absentee friend (at least, that is what I feel like). So much has happened recently in such a short period of time that it’s one of those for real moments of ‘when it rains it pours.’ I’m back now, but here is a quick summary of what [Read More...]

No More False Promises from England…

Ok, so I’m finally admitting to myself (albeit at the end of the trip) that I’m not going to get to updating you with all of the fun stories and moving experiences until I get back home and am on my blogging routine again. I’m sorry I’ve lied to myself and you all for the [Read More...]

Hilarious Video!

This is too funny, for real. Looks like British humor can actually be funny Much love. [Read more...]