Just Added a New Feature

Sweet! My technologically inept self just figured out how to add a Comment-Thread Reply button to every comment that gets posted on my blog. Now we can have individual conversations in each post, as well as corporate conversations. I’m really proud of myself If someone makes a comment and you would like to respond directly [Read More…]

Recent Silence

Hi everyone. I feel like I should apologize for the recent silence on my blog. I’ve gotten a few emails/etc asking what’s up and why I’m not posting everyday like I usually do. Mostly it’s because of this. The other reason is because I’m in such a fragile state right now emotionally from the aforementioned link, [Read More…]

Quick Update on My Life

First off, let me apologize for being an absentee friend (at least, that is what I feel like). So much has happened recently in such a short period of time that it’s one of those for real moments of ‘when it rains it pours.’ I’m back now, but here is a quick summary of what [Read More…]

No More False Promises from England…

Ok, so I’m finally admitting to myself (albeit at the end of the trip) that I’m not going to get to updating you with all of the fun stories and moving experiences until I get back home and am on my blogging routine again. I’m sorry I’ve lied to myself and you all for the [Read More…]

Hilarious Video!

This is too funny, for real. Looks like British humor can actually be funny Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more…]

Graphic Designers: I Need Help!

To all my homies who read this blog, The Marin Foundation needs some cool swag: Sw ‘ AAG: Sweet looking T-Shirts with a clever design and slogan to wear everywhere! I have absolutely zero artistic ability! So I am calling on your help. If you, or you know of someone who loves designing stuff like [Read More…]

Off the Grid Today-Friday

It’s 4am and unfortunately I am awake! I’m off to the airport this morning to participate in a closed-door meeting today through Friday with a selected group of Christian and gay leaders who have come together to have a discussion. Please pray for this time as it’s a unique opportunity, I believe, for all of us. Much [Read More…]

We Sold Our Condo!

Great news…we sold our condo today! Praise the Lord for this great sale in such a rough market where sellers are getting taken to the cleaners. We got a very fair price and we’re able to use the money for our down-payment on whatever place we get next…just have to find one first. Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more…]

March Madness Starts Today!

Oh, it’s one of the best times of the year (along with the January Bowl Games, the College World Series and the big-boy World Series). For those of you who care, here are my picks (I have a few upsets in the first two rounds, but nothing super crazy this year): Sweet 16: Kansas vs Maryland, [Read More…]

Tell Your Story By Your Cell Phone Renewals

This afternoon I got a new Blackberry. My recent 2 year contract was about to expire and it was time for me to re-up for another 2 years. With a new re-up comes a new phone. It’s almost as exciting as the Olympics – you get a special treat every two years!  Since I’ve been [Read More…]

Death Hits Too Close to Home

These past few days have been really intense for me. Death is looming around my life and it has been a difficult realization that it will soon hit. First I got a call from my Mom telling me that my Grandpa, who already has Parkinsons and Alzheimers, has a mass on his kidney that is certainly [Read More…]

Happy Birthday Dad!

Dad, this is for you. Happy birthday. I love you dearly. Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more…]

Weekend Update

On Sunday I’ll be preaching both services at Fox Valley Church in West Dundee, IL; then holding a two-hour workshop in the afternoon for the church as well. Look what you all have done! Don’t forget to DONATE to this important bridge building work of The Marin Foundation! Here is the breakdown thus far (of which [Read More…]

Prayers Needed

This morning I was reading the paper on the way to work and the cover story was about the heroin problem emerging on the West Side of Chicago. You can read it here. Towards the end I read the following at it broke my heart into pieces: “The Rev. Walter Arthur McCray, 58, who has [Read More…]