God and the Gay Christian.


This post is written by Michael Kimpan, our Associate Director at The Marin Foundation. You can read more from Michael at his blog here – and his book, Love Never Fails :: Building Bridges Between the Church and the Gay Community will be available for pre-order soon (March 2015, IVP). – It’s no surprise that as humans we have [Read More...]

Living in the Tension – Mon 8/26

For our upcoming Living in the Tension gathering on Monday, August 26, we will be watching the documentary We Were Here. The documentary tells the story of the arrival and impact of AIDS in San Francisco, specifically focusing on the lives of five individuals who were affected by the epidemic. It is not only a window into [Read More...]

Video: Jim Henderson Interviews Andrew Marin

Check out this wide ranging interview that Jim Henderson (from Jim Henderson Presents) conducted with me last week. It includes a variety of topics from a recent Dan Savage article in The New York Times speculating about The Marin Foundation, to the need to “function in reality,” to the ways in which our culture can reclaim [Read More...]

Women, Lesbians, Slam Poetry and Ripping My Heart Out

One of my very good friends, Karen Grace (above), lives in New York City. Her activist heart is filled each work-day as an employee of our country’s first LGBT homeless youth center. In the evenings, her overflowing creative juices are captured as she competes around the city as a highly respected and recognized slam poet. [Read More...]

Speaking in Troy, Michigan Jan 23

For those of you who live in or around Troy, Michigan, I’ll be speaking at Kensington Community Church’s midweek service tonight, Wednesday Janurary 23rd, starting at 7pm. Their address is: 1825 E. Square Lake Road Troy, MI 48085 If you’re somewhere else, you can watch the live stream here starting at 7pm EST. Hope to [Read More...]

VIDEO: My Recent Talk at Christ Presbyterian Church, MN

Andrew Marin at The Table at CPC from Christ Presbyterian Church on Vimeo. For those of you not going to church today, here you go. The first weekend of January I spoke at Christ Presbyterian Church in Edina, MN. It was a great few days connecting with their pastoral staff, Registered Runaway, Tony Jones (who took [Read More...]

From Food Stamps to Speaking at the White House

Back in February I had the opportunity to speak on human sexuality at the White House, and then later that day also speak on bridging opposing worldviews fighting to dictate cultural normalcy, at the US State Department. On the flight back to Chicago I got to thinking how in the world does one go from [Read More...]

“Christian” “Friends” can be Cowards

It’s a shame it’s so true. And Christian folks wonder why so many non-believers keep saying ‘Church’ has such a bad reputation. Christians keep turning their back on themselves because of too many fear based thought-processes. Seriously, just have someone’s back. Not that hard. Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more...]

Be Love. Quit the Rest.

I get the question, How are you so happy?, quite a lot. Here’s my response. Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more...]

Lack of Perspective Creates Lots of Problems

How easily and quickly people forget what moves them… Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more...]

The Reason Extremists are so Extreme

I had an epiphany reading something on Twitter about why people on the far left and the far right are generally so extreme and hateful to each other. Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more...]

Wrongology and its Necessity in Contemporary Society

This talk is amazing… It’s about how people groups end up vilifying others who don’t agree with them. I totally believe she has nailed this thing right on point. It’s well worth the 17 minutes. Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more...]

Radical Love Produces Radical Results

Radical love produces radical results. It’s always a gamble though, because my experience has shown me that radical love also produces radical hate. Funny how that works, huh? Keep on keepin’ on… Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more...]

Forget the Haters, Remember the Lovers

Word to that. Much love. www.themarinfoundation.org [Read more...]