Protected: Pride Parade Reflection

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [Read more…]

Lesson for Bridge Building

[Drat! For whatever reason the video isn’t embedding, so just click here to see it] Too often we all just take our bats and keep beating each other … neither is breaking. ‘Breaking’ isn’t the point. At least it’s not supposed to be. Are we going to keep trying, which will get us no where, or are we going [Read More…]

Red Letter Christianity TV Interview

Andrew Marin was recently featured on an episode of the Red Letter Christianity TV show with Tony Campolo and Mark Lowry. You can check it out by clicking on the photo of the show below. Much love. [Read more…]

Part 2: I’m Sorry Campaign

The following post was written by Kevin Harris, Director of Community Relations at The Marin Foundation. As we continue to talk with individuals in Chicago and others around the country, we have become very accustomed to hearing Christians from varying theological backgrounds express their remorse over the fact that often times they and the broader [Read More…]

Video of me speaking at Mariners Church – Irvine, CA

Lumen 1.30 – Andrew Marin from mariners church on Vimeo. This video was from two weekends ago while I was quite sick. I’m just happy my body and voice lasted. What did you think of the 3 suggestions to engaging the LGBT/conservative Christian conversation? Much love. [Read more…]

MLK Day: Video of Me Speaking on Capitol Hill

Two years ago today (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) I spoke on Capitol Hill the night before the Inauguration of President Barack Obama. The event was an official Inauguration event, a series of government sponsored events that led up to the actual Inauguration ceremony of our country’s 44th President. This event consisted of two representatives from each of [Read More…]

Best Stocking Stuffer Ever :)

It’s the morning of Christmas Eve-Eve, and Brenda and I couldn’t help but open our stockings to each other! Here’s what she got me… Much love. [Read more…]

A Moving 10 Minutes…

The other day I was reading around the blog of Paul Young, the author of The Shack. I really enjoyed The Shack, in fact last year I thought it was the best fiction book I read all year. I didn’t even know Paul Young had a blog until recently. I was excited to learn that [Read More…]

Video Interview with Straight Christian Often Accused of Being Gay

Just because Bobby is a Christian and an unreal, and extremely respected choreographer and dancer for some major pop-icons in today’s music industry, and involved in the arts, he gets accused all of the time by other Christians that he is gay. Here are his thoughts about what it was like for him to participate in his first [Read More…]

Part 5: Video Interviews of I’m Sorry Campaign 2010 Atlanta Pride

This video is an interview with a lesbian who just came out, at her first Pride Parade. Much love. [Read more…]

Part 4: Video Interviews of I’m Sorry Campaign 2010 in Atlanta

This interview is with a British pastor, now living in Tennessee as an Officer for the Salvation Army, who participated in our recent I’m Sorry Campaign 2010 in the A-T-L. Much love. [Read more…]

Part 3: I’m Sorry Campaign 2010 Atlanta Gay Pride

This video is me interviewing a straight participant in the I’m Sorry Campaign 2010 Atlanta stop. She just so happens to be an Officer in the Salvation Army. An Officer is what the Salvation Army calls a pastor. It seems to be that she just found church. Much love. [Read more…]

Part 2: I’m Sorry Campaign Video from Atlanta Gay Pride

In this video I interview seven gay teenage guys about their experiences with the Church and thoughts they have on moving forward. Much love. [Read more…]

Part 1: I’m Sorry Campaign 2010 Atlanta Gay Pride

Our recent I’m Sorry experiment at this past Chicago Gay Pride blew up. We never expected anything like that to happen. Since, something like 28,000 people ‘liked’ it on Facebook, our Director of Pastoral Care Nathan Albert’s post about hugging a man in his underwear has been viewed almost a half a million times in [Read More…]