American Church Admits to Funding Kill the Gays Bill in Uganda

Over the last few months Warren Throckmorton (and I, part time) have been covering the Anti-Homosexual Bill in Uganda. Warren has been the world’s best investigative reporter on this, from interviewing Doug Coe (the head of The Family) to now, breaking news that an American church, Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas, NV, has gone on record [Read More…]

My Recent Sermon from Parkcrest Church in Long Beach, CA

Recently I had the opportunity to preach all four services at Parkcrest Church in Long Beach, CA. I spoke about Reversing Imputed Cultural Perceptions. You can listen to it here. What you need to do is: Click on the Show Details bar under the FAQ’s series sermon, and mine is the first one You can [Read More…]

Listen: The Last Words of a Dying Man to the Church

Since Love is an Orientation started to get some notoriety I have been asked quite a few times to endorse people’s forthcoming books. I have learned that there are three main philosophies on giving endorsements, and I list them in descending order from most popular philosophy to least popular: 1. Endorse every book asked of [Read More…]

Hear No Evil by Matthew Paul Turner

I don’t know Matthew Paul Turner. I’ve never talked to him nor have I ever met him—but I now feel like he’s my BFF! Reading Hear No Evil is literally like having a conversation with your best friend. It’s full of comfort, humor and extreme awkwardness, and that’s only the first couple of pages. Why [Read More…]

What does ‘Living in Sin’ Actually Mean?

I’ve been thinking about this question a lot lately. I often hear straight Christians talk about the GLBT community as ‘living in sin’. What does that mean? I’m being serious. My default is: Are we not all literally living in sin, no matter who we are or what we’re doing (Romans 3:23)? James 2:10 (my translation) says: “If [Read More…]

Single People in Church = Gay People in Church

This article was recently published from one of my very favorite publications, RELEVANT Magazine. The title is, “Being Single with Intentionality.” It caught my eye because so often singles in church culture feel as weird and put out as gays and lesbians do. I was speaking recently at Willow Creek and I brought up the [Read More…]

My Sermon from Feb 14th

Here is the audio from my sermon on February 14th at the historic LaSalle St Church in Chicago. I hope it is a blessing to you all. Also, I thought it would be fun to include my notes as well, just in case you wanted to follow along and/or see what I included or didn’t [Read More…]

Part 5: United Kingdom

What differences do you see between the UK and the US regarding the topic of homosexuality and the response of the churches? I will be very clear on this. Right now the UK has a unique opportunity to potentially model for the rest of the world how to properly address and work within the tensions [Read More…]

Part 4: United Kingdom

Over the next couple of days I will be posting a Q & A I did with Dr. Andrew Goddard, Professor of Christian Ethics at Trinity College, and editor of the UK’s Anvil Theological Journal. He asked me 14 questions, some of which you all have heard me answer before. So instead of posting any repeated [Read More…]

Random Thoughts

I’ve been thinking about a few things recently. I’d love it if you weighed in on your thoughts and experiences regarding these statements: -If you’re not willing to sprint towards the most tension filled places in life, than you’re not a Christ-one no matter what you tell me. [As a side note, a good friend [Read More…]

Part 3: United Kingdom

One of the days I was in London I had the privilege of speaking at the Salvation Army International Headquarters to a wide variety of British clergy, pastors, denominational heads, theologians, authors and some overall movers and shakers. Beyond such a great opportunity, the unique part to that day was immediately after I had the [Read More…]

Part 2: United Kingdom

The very first thing out of their mouths: “The world would be a better place without religion.” Ouch. One of the next things they said after I asked what have their experiences been with Christians: “I haven’t really had any experiences with Christians.” Ouch again. Here in the States we constantly hear that England is [Read More…]

Faithfulness: The New Evangelism

I just started reading the book of Ezekiel (as you can tell by My One Sentence Bible from today) on my yearly trek to read the Bible from cover to cover. To me, the overarching principles of the book of Ezekiel speak loud and clear about what it means to live a faithful Christian life—to [Read More…]

Finally! A Model of Unity

Last week I spent 2 days in Cedar Rapids, Iowa speaking to the Linn County Association of Evangelicals. Like no where else that I have ever traveled around the world have I seen such a powerful Association of local churches banding together for the greater good of doing Kingdom work. Although ‘Evangelical’ is in their [Read More…]