I’m Tired of Being Blamed. You Make the Choice.

It took all of about 5 minutes for someone to get upset with my recent post about the gay marriage interview I did. It struck me as legitimately funny that I actually didn’t know which of the sides was going to make their displeasure known first. [insert: “the life of a bridge builder between opposing [Read More…]

My Response to Dan Savage’s Accusations about The Marin Foundation in the New York Times

This post is Andrew Marin’s response to Dan Savage’s accusations about The Marin Foundation, which appear in the Sunday April 14th edition of The New York Times. [Read more…]

Cowards and Keyboards

It shouldn’t surprise me anymore when socially awkward and scared people in real life become the boldest person ever behind a keyboard. It’s their cover for living a real life that actually makes a difference in other people’s lives. They do it because it’s the best, and most efficient way to be gutless without any [Read More…]

It’s Real… I Hate Some People

I hate some people. It doesn’t make it right, it just makes it real. I’m not trying to self-justify my hate towards some in this world. I just need to get it off my chest. I know it’s strange… Andrew, you’re the one who preaches about love and reconciliation. What’s the deal with hate? Christians [Read More…]

I Have a Brilliant Idea, Let’s Protest the Protesters

A few weeks back The Marin Foundation was called by a Catholic church in Chicago. They were calling because they got word that a gay activist group was going to be protesting their church on behalf of all the LGBT people who don’t like the Catholic church’s stance on gay marriage. Over the last few [Read More…]

These Lyrics Have to Speak for Me Now as I Can’t Talk About It

I am fighting back the strong, strong urge right now to write about an ongoing situation in my life that is a real big deal to me, my educational future and my work. When the time comes all of the details will be released. Or not. I don’t know. I want to, but I’m trying really [Read More…]

What the ‘Hell’?

This morning I woke up and had four Facebook postings on my wall waiting for me, all from a guy who said following (and yes, these are the actual messages): “You are a false prophet leading others into hell. Everyone needs to turn away from Andrew Marin now. The Lord is coming and will not [Read More…]

Definitions of Enemy, Hater and Critic

Before I get any further into this series, I think I should define what I understand as an enemy, hater and critic. Enemy: The dictionary defines an enemy as one that is antagonistic to another. I actually don’t see that definition suitable for what I believe is an enemy. The dictionary definition of an enemy [Read More…]

Conservative theologian REALLY doesn’t like me, or anyone ASSOCIATED with me

Dr. Robert Gagnon (who wrote this book and this book), Associate Professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, just published a 24 PAGE critique of me, my work, my book and everyone who is associated with me. Here is the introduction to his critique (italics are mine): “Andrew Marin’s book, Love is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with [Read More…]

I Got Smashed Live On Air by Conservative Christians

Yesterday, Monday, I was live on air on Moody Radio’s Morning Ride with Mark Elfstrand. This interview came about as I was alerted by a friend about two weeks ago that the Morning Ride was talking some heavy trash about me, my organization and our I’m Sorry Campaign at the Gay Pride Parade. Not only [Read More…]

New Comment Policy

I’ve never had a comment policy before … that was until I started getting a slew of emails from regular readers telling me they can’t continue commenting when they feel they are just going to get jumped all over. So, for the first time, here is my Comment Policy. Thank you in advance for following it. [Read More…]

Part 3: Note to Skeptics

Public Statement: The work of The Marin Foundation is to build bridges between the LGBT community and a variety of faith communities through education, scientific research and diverse community gatherings. We are a movement shaped by bold individuals of reconciliation; whose orientation is one of love, who live in the tension of different social, theological [Read More…]

Part 2: Note to Skeptics

*Sorry for the spacing issues. I copied these from my inbox and for whatever reason, no matter what I try, the spacing is off. Well, this ‘I’m Sorry’ Campaign has officially hit craziness. 100% of yesterday was spent fielding media requests, doing interviews and writing transparently to skeptics about The Marin Foundation. In the coming days/weeks, I will be [Read More…]

Part 1: Note to Skeptics

Who knew this whole ‘I’m Sorry from the Church Campaign 2010’ would go viral? Not us, I’ll tell you that much. Anyway, there have been a couple really well known sites that have publicly stated their distaste and skepticism for me, for The Marin Foundation and for our Campaign. And why should they believe us at our word? [Read More…]