Women, Lesbians, Slam Poetry and Ripping My Heart Out

One of my very good friends, Karen Grace (above), lives in New York City. Her activist heart is filled each work-day as an employee of our country’s first LGBT homeless youth center. In the evenings, her overflowing creative juices are captured as she competes around the city as a highly respected and recognized slam poet. [Read More…]


Here is another poem by our great friend Karen Bowlby. “I believe in God. Not just any God – Not that anything goes, Spiritual but not religious, Politically correct, Don’t want to offend anyone Anything but the God you think of when I say God – You know – the one that hates abortion, Fags, [Read More…]


My wife lived and worked in Africa for three years right after college (in Niger as well as South Africa), and she is dying to see the new movie Invictus, about the South African Rugby team. I guess she looked up what ‘invictus’ meant because she just sent me this email. In this unique time [Read More…]