The Government and Money: I Don’t Get It

I don’t get how the US government can’t stay within a budget without grossly exceeding it every year. When regular businesses spend all their money and can’t pay, they get shut down (unless you’re a huge bank with lots of ties to the White House, but that’s another thing I don’t understand that frustrates me [Read More…]

Religious Exemptions, Public Policy & LGBT

There has been a big court case going on in England regarding a gay couple who sued the owners of Cornish Bed & Breakfast because the gay couple was denied occupancy based on the owners of Cornish B&B’s Christian faith. You can read the story here. The ruling just came down this week that it [Read More…]

Gays in the Military

I recently read an article by a national Christian organization claiming that having open gay and lesbian people serve in the military would be a threat to the congruency of our armed forces. Three things came to my mind: 1. A few years back a study in TIME said that 60% of publications from 1940-1950 [Read More…]