NBA Player Comes Out

This post discusses my thoughts on NBA player Jason Collins being the first active player in a major men’s sport to come out. I also talk to my good friend, NY Yankees all star center fielder, Curtis Granderson, about his thoughts as well. [Read more…]

Pizza Face.

A horrible story of oppression happened right before Andrew and I’s eyes while sitting in the Bleachers at Wrigley Field last week. We had to do something, but what are the ethics of stepping-in? Here is that journey. [Read more…]

Transgender Male Playing on Division I Woman’s Basketball Team

Recently there was a fascinating story breaking out of George Washington University’s (GWU) woman’s basketball team: One of their players, Kye Allums, now identifies as a transgender male. Here is the link to the story. I am always interested in college sports stories because, as some of you may know, I received an athletic scholarship to play Division I baseball in college. [Read More…]

Andrew Interviews Everyday, Non-Christian, High Schooler

In this video I interview Lindsey, your everyday, non-Christian, high school girl about her school’s Gay-Straight Alliance, Christianity and the relationship between the Christian kids and the LGBT kids in her high school. This is the perfect example of the type of youth that is pervasive in our culture today (or for you youth pastors [Read More…]

My Video of Time at Blackhawks Championship Parade!

I recently detailed how miserable my championship experience has been as a die-hard Chicago Cubs, Blackhawks and Bears fan has been. But whatever, because now I’ve not only watched a championship, but I’ve been there too! Enjoy these short videos. Oh, and in the first video I say “I’m here with a half a million [Read More…]

I. Can’t. Believe. It.

For the very first time in my entire life, a sports team I care about has WON A CHAMPIONSHIP! (And when the Bears won in 1985 I was only 4 years old and vaguely remember). My entire career as a die-hard fan of the Cubs, Blackhawks and Bears (I’m not a Bulls fan – not a fan of [Read More…]

March Madness Starts Today!

Oh, it’s one of the best times of the year (along with the January Bowl Games, the College World Series and the big-boy World Series). For those of you who care, here are my picks (I have a few upsets in the first two rounds, but nothing super crazy this year): Sweet 16: Kansas vs Maryland, [Read More…]

Reason No Olympics in Chicago

I’ll be honest, I totally thought Chicago was going to get the Olympics. Maybe it was my own bloated perception of Chicago being the greatest city on the face of the earth (yes, I am bias about that), or maybe it was because the untouchable Obama, Oprah and Daley threw their full weight behind the bid, but [Read More…]

Public Opinion with Athletes Talking about God

**Disclaimer: This post is about sports—college football in particular. I’m sorry if you don’t follow sports or know any of the names I’m going to mention, but you’ll get the idea of the main point that I’m communicating. So … Yesterday I was watching ESPN (shocker….), and on the show Rome Is Burning hosted by [Read More…]

Wise Words from a Unique Source

Here is the conclusion to a book I just finished. I thought it was relevant and profound. He said: ““Early in my career I went around telling everyone of my lofty goals—that I’d be the best ever in my field. People laughed at me. You’re crazy man.Can’t be done.Yeah right! No one in history has [Read More…]