Aug 21: My One Sentence Bible

What is my One Sentence Bible? 8-21-09:  If God is our example, why does our love not endure forever? We give up on God, and love, too soon. Psalm 136:1-26 When you die, your plans mean nothing. Men can’t save your vision. Psalm 146:3-4 God numbers and remembers each of the stars by name. I [Read More…]

Aug 20: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? 8-20-09: Christians, you think it’s bad now? How much worse a life with God removed? Psalm 124:1-8 No matter what the accomplishments, if the Lord isn’t over them, they’re done in vain. Psalm 127:1-2 “Count your blessings.” Not as potent as “Count your sins.” Yet God’s grace abounds. Psalm [Read More…]

Aug 18: My One Sentence Bible

What is ‘My One Sentence Bible’? 8-18-09: Hope is a shield that provides space to faithfully continue walking forward. Psalm 119:114 Be about peace and love, even if you are the only one standing up to do so. Psalm 120:6-7 Much love. [Read more…]

Aug 17: My One Sentence Bible

What is ‘My One Sentence Bible’? Here’s a summary. 8-17-09:  The Lord is our reward – not success, notoriety or anything deemed worthy by this world. Focus on our success, and that is God. Psalm 119:57 Much love. [Read more…]

Aug 16: My One Sentence Bible

What is this? Here’s a summary. 8-16-09: Just because God commands, doesn’t mean we just know how to live it out. We have to LEARN to do so. Psalm 119:7  ‘To understand’ cannot happen without meditating on what we learn to understand better. Psalm 119:27 Much love. [Read more…]