Atheism Is No Monolith; Or, the Diversity of Disbelief


The Patheos atheist channel has just added two new blogs - Permission to Live, by Melissa, and Cross Examined, by Bob Seidensticker. I find the variety of different paths that lead people to atheism or agnosticism - and the diversity in how people then approach their disbelief - fascinating, and as I looked at these two blogs in tandem I saw this diversity  illustrated perfectly.Background: Melissa was raised in a fairly extreme fundamentalist family while Bob was raised in a fairly no … [Read more...]

The Problem with Big Tent Atheism

big tent

I rarely comment here on the goings on in the atheist community. I'm torn, really. On the one hand, a big part of me wants to go to the conferences everyone talks about, and I do occasionally participate in events with local atheist groups. On the other hand, when I watch things like elevatorgate, or the brouhaha over whether sexual harassment policies are even necessary at conferences, well, it's a bit of a turn off. The thing is, atheism doesn't have a catechism or a statement of faith or a lis … [Read more...]

So it seems I’m not very original…


You remember my wager, which I titled "Libby Anne's Wager"? Apparently Marcus Aurelius said, well, just about exactly the same thing (as in, uncannily so):Edit 1: It turns out that the above is not a direct quotation, but rather a condensed summary of some of Marcus Aurelius' thoughts and writings. Many thanks to my observant readers!Edit 2: Apparently Marcus Aurelius might not have actually said anything like that. Oops! Oh well, whoever said it first, it wasn't me! … [Read more...]

“How to Be a Successful Religious Affairs Journalist”


I found these images via the Friendly Atheist and thought I'd share. I had a laugh, anyway! Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Worthwhile Reads: The Leavers

These are a bit old, but I just came upon them and wanted to share.First, this from Christianity Today:The Leavers: Young Doubters Exit the ChurchThen a response on Camels with Hammers:Sex And Apostasy … [Read more...]

You’ve been brainwashed; or, following after fleshly lusts

Sometimes, from time to time, a fundamentalist or evangelical child grows up to question and reject her parents' beliefs and values. The funny thing is, this shift in belief is rarely seen as a legitimate rethinking and change of belief. Oh, no! Far from it! After all, how could a child raised on the Truth (tm) go on to reject the Truth (tm)? How could a child raised to know Jesus and the amazing life he brings go on to reject him and his gift? It's incomprehensible! And so, an explanation must … [Read more...]

What kind of atheist are you?

PZ Myers recently posted a piece attempting to create a "taxonomy" of atheists. I found his post fascinating - and, I think, well merited. After all, during my time as an atheist, through my experience with other atheists both online and in real life, I have found that there is a lot of variation and variety among atheists. PZ's post is an attempt to make sense of and organize this variation (not surprising, given that he is a biologist!).Now first of all, PZ divides "thoughtful atheists" … [Read more...]