“Different but Complementary” and “Separate but Equal”

I recently ran across a short post on Kaelee Bates, a blog run by a woman with previous experience with Christian Patriarchy. Here is an excerpt: "Different but Complimentary."I cannot shake how similar that phrase is to, "separate but equal"I have attempted to write on this subject numerous times, but the truth is I am still too angry and raw. I just want to scream at everyone, "THIS IS NOT EQUALITY!" ...There is no way for me to write about this subject and keep my anger out of … [Read more...]

Worthwhile Reads: Modesty, Fear, and Exploitation

Sierra on Modesty and False Empowerment If other people can’t listen to your ideas because they’re too focused on your breasts, they are the ones disrespecting you. Changing yourself to suit them does not change their basic lack of respect for you as a person, it just satisfies their demands and causes them to stop pressuring you. That’s not empowerment, it’s just the relative absence of shaming. A Sober Second Look on How We Were Sold On Patriarchal Religion: Reason #142 In a word, fear. … [Read more...]

Heritage Defense: An HSLDA for the Family

I just today found out about something called Heritage Defense. Do you remember what I wrote before about the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)? Basically, HSLDA is a form of legal insurance - you pay an annual premium and in return have any legal fees covered - for homeschool families. While HSLDA only defends families who wind up in legal trouble over homeschooling, this new organization offers families legal insurance for a whole range of parental rights issues.Vision Forum is … [Read more...]

New! The Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blog Network!

Vyckie of No Longer Quivering has just announced the creation of the Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network! And guess what? Apparently I helped motivate her to start it! The network began when Vyckie noticed that NLQ forum member, Libby Anne, seemed to be doing a lot of processing of her quiverfull experience through frequent posts and comments. She encouraged Libby Anne to write her story for NLQ – which she did – and in the process, discovered that she loves blogging!Around that time, due … [Read more...]

Raised Quiverfull: Asking the First Question

questioning q2

What first made you question the beliefs you were raised with? Was this initial questioning a frightening or liberating experience? Joe: I can't put a finger on one experience that made me question my beliefs.  When I mention my beliefs, I must say that I have rejected everything from quiverful and fundamentalist Christianity, all the way to a belief in god.  I reject it all now.  But, with no further ado, I will construct a list of a few happenings that caused me to reject everything. 1.  My … [Read more...]

On World Magazine, Sexism, and Name Changing

Because of The Last Name Project, I've been doing some thinking on everything that goes into women's decisions on whether or not to change their last names. My entry in this project and Sierra's entry reveal that two women with similar backgrounds and similar current beliefs can answer this question very differently - I changed my last name, but Sierra has chosen not to. I don't think that one choice is right or that the other is wrong. I think they're just different.The important thing is … [Read more...]

Dear Libby: How can I help my cousins?

Dear Libby,The reason I'm emailing is because my husband's uncle is really into the quiverfull, biblical patriarchy stuff and I'm really concerned about his daughters. They're home-schooled, not going to uni and seem to be just waiting at home to get married. I'm pretty worried about them and what options they've got for their futures. They live in New Zealand, so the only contact is via facebook at the moment.Do you think it's possible to try and challenge them to think through their be … [Read more...]