AnotherOne: Stop Invoking the Taliban!


Reader AnotherOne recently left the following comment: Dude, I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but for the love of god, can we stop with the "Talibamerica" crap? The fundamentalism of the Taliban is a tiny piece of an overall picture of what the Cold War did to an impoverished country of non-literate, tribal people. The Soviet invasion and occupation and American arming of the mujahideen resulted in the death of around a million Afghans (in other words, about 1 in 30 people) and the … [Read more...]

Patriarchy: Character Flaws or Systemic Problems?

Back in 2010, author and speaker Stacy MacDonald offered the following definitions: Patriarchy - Father-rule (lead, love, sacrifice, provide, disciple, cherish, faithful, tender)Patriocentric - Father-centric (selfish, demanding, egocentric, self-serving, rebellious, arrogant, lazy, harsh, tyrant) In the comments, a reader asks Stacey this: So what would your counsel be to a woman who was married to a patrio-centric husband? What are your thoughts? Should a biblically-submitted wife r … [Read more...]

The Patriarchal Man’s Burden


Homeschool leader James McDonald recently wrote a post defending his use of the word "patriarchy." And, so it is with the “P” word; the word we know as patriarchy. In our day, patriarchy is quickly becoming a pejorative. It has come to mean, “selfish, overbearing tyrant who seeks to dominate and suppress women and children.” And, let’s be clear, there are those who embrace that term and fit the bill. They have behaved as if the world revolves around them and that women and children exist only to … [Read more...]


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As I listened to the song Oh Rebecca last week, I began to cry. I played it again, and again, More tears, more feeling. Finally I began to write. Within only a few minutes I had composed what follows, a lament of sorts very different from my usual style. We look out upon a landscape we never expected. We can tell from the air around us that something is fundamentally broken and fractured. In front of us there is wilderness, and it is beautiful, but it also dramatic and bold in a way that can … [Read more...]

The Shell Game Revealed

Stacy McDonald

I really didn't expect to see Christian homeschool leaders out-and-out reveal that, in the wake of the Doug Phillips scandal, they're dumping the word patriarchy but keeping the ideas behind it. I mean it's pretty clear that a lot of them are doing that, but they're generally doing it in a shell game sort of way as though no one will notice. But not all are taking that approach. Commenting on her husband's blog, homeschool author and speaker Stacy McDonald had this to say:Well then. That … [Read more...]

Crosspost: What “Christian Patriarchy” Is Not


By R.L. StollarOriginally posted on Homeschoolers Anonymous“Patriarchy” has suddenly become a dirty word in the homeschooling movement. Whereas a short while ago it was a badge of honor, a symbol of pure righteous manliness, now leaders are scrambling to distance themselves from this word. They are swearing left and right that they aren’t “it” and they never were “it” and gosh, why are people saying they are? They have been so gracious about “allowing” their daughters the privilege of wea … [Read more...]

No True Patriarch


Okay, I give up.In the wake of the Doug Phillips scandal, Colorado homeschool leader Kevin Swanson, who runs Generations with Vision, has declared that that he is not what he calls a "patriarchal-ist." Why? Because Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were called patriarchs, so it would be wrong of him to assume this level of importance! Because his adult daughter went on a mission trip to Uganda!Oh, but, he explains, he does think women need to submit to their husbands as outlined in Eph. 5:22-33, … [Read more...]