Why Christian Homeschooling Culture Is Not a Safe Space


Some months ago I stated in a blog post that I was becoming increasingly convinced that Christian homeschooling culture is not a safe space for young women and girls. A reader objected in the comments section, misunderstanding I think both what I meant by "Christian homeschooling culture" and "safe space."  Regardless, reading various figures' responses to the Doug Phillips scandal, and how they discuss Lourdes Torres, Phillips' victim, has made my assessment only more firm.There's this from … [Read more...]

Crosspost: A Letter to Our Parents


By DarcyOriginally posted on Darcy's Heart StirringsDear Parents,I'm in several online groups consisting of thousands of the homeschool alumni of my generation, the "Joshua Generation", the products of the Christian homeschooling pioneers. And one major theme going on in our conversations right now is an overwhelming frustration that we cannot talk to our parents. We cannot be real with you. We want a relationship but don't know how to get past the mental and emotional walls you have … [Read more...]

Gothard’s Sex Rules: Marital Consent? What’s That?

Young woman is in the fair about her future

My family never attended one of Bill Gothard's seminars, and we didn't use Gothard's curriculum. We children were, instead, raised on the outskirts of Gothardism. We knew people who were followers of Bill Gothard, and we imbibed a few of his teachings (umbrella of authority, anyone?), but that was the extent of it. As things began to snowball over the past months and Gothard was exposed as a sexual predator and ultimately relieved of his leadership position, I wanted to learn more about what … [Read more...]

Christian Patriarchy on Educating Daughters


Okay, let's take a few minutes to hash out Christian Patriarchy's view towards women and education. I think this is necessary because I hear one side saying "you don't believe in educating girls" and the other side saying "no no no, we do educate our daughters, your accusations are ridiculous." So what is really going on here? I can't necessarily get at what the ordinary family on the ground is doing, but what I can get at is what the leaders of the movement say. So let's take a look, shall … [Read more...]

AnotherOne: Stop Invoking the Taliban!


Reader AnotherOne recently left the following comment: Dude, I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but for the love of god, can we stop with the "Talibamerica" crap? The fundamentalism of the Taliban is a tiny piece of an overall picture of what the Cold War did to an impoverished country of non-literate, tribal people. The Soviet invasion and occupation and American arming of the mujahideen resulted in the death of around a million Afghans (in other words, about 1 in 30 people) and the … [Read more...]

Patriarchy: Character Flaws or Systemic Problems?


Back in 2010, author and speaker Stacy MacDonald offered the following definitions: Patriarchy - Father-rule (lead, love, sacrifice, provide, disciple, cherish, faithful, tender)Patriocentric - Father-centric (selfish, demanding, egocentric, self-serving, rebellious, arrogant, lazy, harsh, tyrant) In the comments, a reader asks Stacey this: So what would your counsel be to a woman who was married to a patrio-centric husband? What are your thoughts? Should a biblically-submitted wife r … [Read more...]

The Patriarchal Man’s Burden


Homeschool leader James McDonald recently wrote a post defending his use of the word "patriarchy." And, so it is with the “P” word; the word we know as patriarchy. In our day, patriarchy is quickly becoming a pejorative. It has come to mean, “selfish, overbearing tyrant who seeks to dominate and suppress women and children.” And, let’s be clear, there are those who embrace that term and fit the bill. They have behaved as if the world revolves around them and that women and children exist only to … [Read more...]