No True Christian: Robert Dear and Christian Terrorism


I've seen people claim that Robert Dear, the planned Parenthood shooter, was not a Christian. This despite the fact that he had crosses in his dwelling, reportedly was devoted to the Bible, and posted Bible verses and apocalyptic warnings on an online message board a decade ago. Frankly, I'm tired of this. When a Christian commits an act of religious violence, that does not implicate all Christians, just like when a Muslim commits an act of religious violence, that does not implicate all … [Read more...]

Jonathan and Alison Schumm Abuse Case Raises Questions


Given my interest in homeschool reform, I am familiar with many if not most of the entries at the Coalition for Responsible Home Education's Homeschooling's Invisible Children database. This database was started by homeschool alumni concerned about the role homeschooling can play in intensifying and hiding abuse by allowing abusive parents to isolate their children. (I suppose this is where I add the caveat that I am not anti-homeschooling, just pro-accountability.)Anyway, I found the most r … [Read more...]

The “Real Men” of Evangelical Christianity


I've run across a number of memes about what "real men" do. The most frequent seems to be that real men "protect" women rather than abusing them. This meme has bugged me because I'd rather have a man's respect than his protection. On a whim, I went to google, typed in "real men," and started scrolling through images. I found quite a number of these "real men" memes that were Christian-themed (most were probably created by evangelicals), and found myself cringing on a variety of levels.If … [Read more...]

Coming Full Circle


As a teenager, I attended an anti-gay "traditional marriage" rally in my state's capital. I listened to the speakers and cheered along with the crowd. After the rally was over, I spoke with press, explaining my opposition to same-sex marriage. At the time, I had never met a gay person, or, at least, I had never met a person I knew was gay. I believed a lot of lies about the "gay lifestyle" and was convinced that gay people were secretly miserable inside.I would never have believed that, a d … [Read more...]

A Fundamental Misunderstanding of Ex-Fundamentalists


Christian blogger Allan R. Bevere recently wrote a blog post titled "Re-Formed Fundamentalists." I came upon this post because it was mentioned on Exploring Our Matrix, a progressive Christian Patheos blog that I generally like. Bevere's basic premise is that fundamentalists who consider themselves reformed are often actually "re-formed"---i.e., they have simply become fundamentalists of a different type.Bevere begins his post as follows: If there is one thing that can be asserted without pr … [Read more...]

One Million Moms Declares War on Children of Gay Parents


I was not at all surprised to read that American Girl is receiving criticism over including an article about a girl with two dads in their magazine, but as I read the criticism and then read the controversial article itself, I was profoundly saddened. I realize that on some level, the title of this article may seem like hyperbole, but bear with me, because what's going on here is important.Let's start with a recent Washington Post article, Maryland family faces harsh criticism after daughter … [Read more...]

Starbucks’ Red Cup and the Evangelicals Who Cried Wolf


Every year during November and December, Starbucks offers a "red cup" for use with its holiday beverages. While I do enjoy a good frappachino, I am not a Starbucks aficionado, so I was actually unaware of this phenomenon until this year, when Starbucks' new design sparked outrage in the conservative and evangelical blogosphere. Curious, I checked it out. This year's "red cup" looks like this:While I admit that the design is a bit boring, I feel compelled to point out that the red … [Read more...]