Admitting Privileges, Abortion, and the Trojan Horse of Protecting Women’s Health


While spending time on google, I came upon this headline from an anti-abortion website last year: Court Records Indicate Nearly 1,000 Abortion Patients Likely Hospitalized Annually in Texas. The article explained that during the year 2011, a full 940 women were hospitalized in Texas due to complications from abortions. These numbers came out during court proceedings over new abortion restrictions. Of course, the article made this number out to be apocalyptic.  “Information in this decision has f … [Read more...]

My Evangelical Homeschool Mother Taught Me the Five Pillars of Islam


In the past few weeks, I've been following this story: BRISTOL, Tenn. — A Bristol group is staging a silent protest in front of Vance Middle School Friday morning for what they believe to be the teaching of Islam to seventh-grade students.“The protest will be a silent Christian protest with signs and a banner, we hope to have at least 100 people show up,” Emily Kausch, who’s planning to attend, wrote in an email to the Bristol Herald Courier.The organizer is parent Patty Kinkead, who s … [Read more...]

When “Pro-Life” Means “Anti-Birth Control”


Through a link on Ladies Against Feminism, I came upon an article titled Planned Parenthood Targeting Morning Center Patients! I suspected that Morning Center must be some sort of crisis pregnancy center, but I found myself morbidly curious about what the author of the article meant by "targeting," so I clicked through.  As many of our supporters and friends know, Morning Center provides a prenatal clinic at Warren Apartments in Memphis. Warren Apartments is a particularly stark picture of the h … [Read more...]

Jamie Wight, Maranatha, & Sexual Predation Unrecognized


In recent weeks, I have been writing posts about evangelical theologian Doug Wilson's troubling way of handling child molestors and abusers. And by "troubling way of handling," I mean that Wilson has a habit of writing to judges requesting leniency for men on trial for sexually abusing children. Wilson remains an influential evangelical theologian who is supported by such prominent evangelical theologians and organizations as John Piper and The Gospel Coalition, yet what recent weeks have r … [Read more...]

Doug Wilson: Jamin Wight Not a “Sexual Predator”


Oh boy. So I've written before about Doug Wilson's excuse-making for serial child molester Steven Sitler, but I haven't written much about the other child abuser in Doug Wilson's closet---Jamin Wight. Long story short, while Jamin was a student at Doug Wilson's seminary and boarding with a Christ Church family, he sexually (and psychologically) abused the family's daughter, Natalie, for years, beginning when she was 13 years old. Jamin was ten years the girl's senior.When the abuse came to l … [Read more...]

Young Earth Creationists: Neanderthals Were Human


What with the news about homo naledi, a new hominin species, it's probably time to revisit young earth creationist interpretations of such skeletons. Given that young earth creationists start with the Bible and only then look at the scientific evidence, it shouldn't be surprising that they tend to argue that species like Homo Naledi or Neanderthal are either human or ape. Over the weekend, Answers in Genesis declared homo naledi an ape. Several years ago, Answers in Genesis declared homo … [Read more...]

My Atheist Daughter and Her Evangelical Grandmother


I've been an atheist for over half a decade now, but I still haven't told my evangelical mother. Oh, I've told her that I attend a UU church, and she knows I don't believe in young earth creationism or read the Bible every day the way she does. But I've never actually told her I'm an atheist. I'm in a bit of a different position than most---I grew up as the oldest of a large evangelical homeschooling family, and half a dozen of my siblings are still under 18. My ability to see my siblings is in s … [Read more...]