Is This What Religious Persecution Looks Like?

Sometimes reading two very different articles in conjunction with each other can be fascinating. Take this article about Christian homeschool leader Kevin Swanson's persecution complex, on the one hand, and this article about Boko Haram bombing mosques in Nigeria, on the other.First, Kevin Swanson:Swanson told host Tim Wildmon, the president of the American Family Association, that persecution in America is “happening all over the place,” lamenting that now “accountants who refuse to subm … [Read more...]

Your Child’s Virginity Is None of Your Business

I recently came upon a wonderfully insightful blog post titled Virginity: As a Parent. It's one of those gems that makes the blogosphere so amazing---a lost written by an ordinary person on a small blog that makes so much sense you just have to share. Here is a statement for you...You child's virginity is none of your business.How about this way?Your child's virginity is NONE of your business.I had a woman in my life some years ago who, anytime she was talking about her teenager … [Read more...]

Jesus the Enabler

I recently came upon this in a post from RightWingWatch:On "The 700 Club" today, Pat Robertson praised a man who banned his gay grandson from bringing a "friend" to Thanksgiving dinner because "there's a real good chance that he might come out of that so-called lifestyle" as long as the family does not condone his behavior. Fielding a question from a grandfather who had told his grandson that "the presence of his sex partners would not be welcome in our home," especially on Thanksgiving, R … [Read more...]

The Evangelical Christian Martyrdom Complex

Last week I noticed a headline on the Friendly Atheist titled Evangelist Wants to Know If You’d Say “Yes, I’m a Christian” with a Gun to Your Head. This brought to mind what I was taught as an evangelical child---that if anyone ever asked me to deny the faith, I was to refuse, even to death. We read stories of Christians martyred in other countries because they refused to spit on the Bible or renounce their faith. But today I'm a mother. And you know what? If someone put a gun to one of my child … [Read more...]

Liberating Moments: Ex-Pentacostals Cut Their Hair

If you've come out of a form of fundamentalism, you may have had a moment of sheer liberation---something symbolic and small in one sense, but also huge and fraught with meaning. I had many such moments, especially early on. I remember one in particular, when I took a dress I had valued for being "old fashioned" and "modest" and cut it up, remaking it into a dress that was hip and slightly risqué. It felt quite liberating, and meant a lot to me!All this came to mind when I watched this y … [Read more...]

I Grew Up in the Benedict Option. Here’s Why It Didn’t Work.

In the wake of the Obergefell decision, Rob Dreher of the American Conservative and others are discussing what they call the "Benedict Option." To be perfectly honest, I'm still trying to figure out what Dreher means by the term. He calls for Christians to withdraw from the world and its concerns and focus instead on forming intentional Christian communities, but then objects when someone suggests this position is isolationist and insists that it's not.Here is the most clear summary I've seen … [Read more...]

Admitting Privileges, Abortion, and the Trojan Horse of Protecting Women’s Health

While spending time on google, I came upon this headline from an anti-abortion website last year: Court Records Indicate Nearly 1,000 Abortion Patients Likely Hospitalized Annually in Texas. The article explained that during the year 2011, a full 940 women were hospitalized in Texas due to complications from abortions. These numbers came out during court proceedings over new abortion restrictions. Of course, the article made this number out to be apocalyptic.  “Information in this decision has f … [Read more...]