A Transition in Motherhood

I’m thinking about starting a new series here on my blog consisting simply of snippits from my research and studies that I think my readers might find interesting. So today you get a section from Julia Grant’s Raising Baby by the Book (page 15) on the transition from extensive to intensive mothering: For seventeenth- and [Read More...]

A Trust Problem

My parents have a trust problem. I’ve said elsewhere that the parents of the Christian Patriarchy movement seem to be unable to trust their adult daughters. In fact, as I’ve already pointed out, they frequently don’t even trust their adult daughters to be able to think for themselves. Depending on the family, sons may face [Read More...]

Patriarchy in Practice

Sally Gallaher released a study a few years back revealing that even though the majority of evangelicals agree that the wife should submit to the husband and that the husband is the head of the house, almost all of them actually in practice have egalitarian marriages. Interesting, no? It strikes me that patriarchal gender roles [Read More...]

Like a Little Child

My little girl says “hi” to everyone we pass on the street. And it’s not just a motion, either. She turns, smiles, waves her hand, and practically shouts “hi,” with happiness in her voice. She’s happy to see new people, happy to make new friends, happy to be alive. And what’s more, she doesn’t judge. [Read More...]

Children’s Rights?

Do children have rights? If the do, should the state step in to guarantee these rights? Or, in contrast, do children belong entirely to their parents, who can do as they please with them? My dad believes that the state has no right to step in and force families to have their children treated for [Read More...]

Mass Produced Children?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar assure the world that they have enough love in their hearts for all nineteen of their children. Well okay, who am I to doubt a parent’s love for his or her children! But I have to ask, how much time do they have for each child? What the Duggars appear [Read More...]

Children Are Not Trophies

  When there were eight children in my family, I had a friend who was also one of eight. Then my mother had another baby. What do you think my friend did? She was so jealous of me that she didn’t talk to me for three months. Finally, she came to me and confessed her [Read More...]

Feminism AND Motherhood

Fellow blogger Shadowspring has discussed on her blog her experience of being essentially abandoned as a child by her mother, who used feminism to denigrate motherhood and treated her children as a unwanted burden. I think I had the opposite experience. Because my mother made motherhood her entire identity, giving up completely any independent life [Read More...]

Girls Gone Extreme

I admit it. Some of what happened I did to myself. I took what my parents taught me and ran with it, embracing Christian Patriarchy and all that it included almost more than they did. My like-minded friends and I pushed each other to be more extreme. I embraced it, all of it, with all [Read More...]

Michael Pearl Can Read Your Mind

For those who don’t know, Michael Pearl is the (self-taught) founder of No Greater Joy ministries, which specializes in marriage, family, and parenting support and advise. He is extremely popular in Christian Patriarchy circles. Michael Pearl can read minds. Skeptical? Read on! In the latest edition of No Greater Joy magazine (July-August 2011), Michael and [Read More...]

As American As Apple Pie

Sometimes, as sons and daughters of Christian Patriarchy, we tend to see our situations as unique and unprecedented. I realized today as I read a book on the history of childhood that this is simply not so. Rather, our situations are as American as apple pie. The hard decisions we have to make, the heartache [Read More...]

The Beautiful Girlhood Doll, part 10: I’m a Person, Not a Doll!

Pretty young woman with arms raised

It has now been some years since I left my parents’ house and shifted for myself. I think my parents were somewhat surprised that I was able to make it on my own and that I did not come home asking for help, or maybe it was just me who was surprised. I found inner [Read More...]