What Thanksgiving Means To Me


Thanksgiving is upon us. I have to say, fall is one of my most favorite times of the year - first Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, all right in a row. The decorations, the music, the food, the holiday spirit - I love it. Coming from a large family - and having a large extended family - only heightened the holiday cheer growing up, and today I help create that cheer for my own family. So I thought I'd take a moment to talk about Thanksgiving traditions and what Thanksgiving means … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney Doesn’t Get Women

Mitt Romney women

There's been lots and lots of talk about Romney's positions on women, especially his anecdote about seeking out "binders full of women" when appointing people to state positions as governor (which by the way turned out to be false).  Frankly, I don't have time to get into everything Romney has said about women, or his flip flopping and double talk about things like insurance coverage of contraception or whether he would work to outlaw abortion. And frankly, lots of other people out there are … [Read more...]

The kids, some stories, and life

mother with kids

Sally and Bobby are growing apace. Sally is talking in full paragraphs (forget sentences!) and Bobby is starting to scoot himself around the floor. I consider myself lucky to be the mother of two such awesome kids. And so, I thought I'd treat you all to a bit of an update on them, and a few stories and antics as well.Sally is in preschool now. When I dropped her off this morning, she immediately jumped into a game of "hide and seek" with the rest of her class. She was hiding under the craft … [Read more...]

Raised Evangelical: Deird’s Story

Christian Bookstore 2

A post in the Raised Evangelical series.Section 1: Introduction Question 1: Please introduce yourself before we get started, providing a brief snapshot of your background an overview of your beliefs today.I grew up in Australia, going to a Baptist church. These days, I’m still a Christian – but my beliefs are much less conservative, much more inclusive, and much less immersed in “Christian culture”. I go to an Anglican church, and disagree with about a quarter of what they say.Qu … [Read more...]

Raised Evangelical: Angie’s Story


A post in the Raised Evangelical series.Section 1: Introductory Questions Question 1: Please introduce yourself before we get started, providing a brief snapshot of your background an overview of your beliefs today.I am Angie, a 24-year-old recent college graduate who is married. When I was around 5 years old my mom and dad became involved in the Church of God denomination; they became more and more involved as I grew up and my father served as youth pastor to our church during my teen y … [Read more...]

Worthwhile Reads: On Expectations

worthwhile reads

When I post a collection of blog posts and articles that I consider "worthwhile reads" I generally try to come up with a theme that unites them. These three posts all have this in common: They all deal with expectations. Danielle dissects an e-card on fathers and daughters, Haley explains that parenting is about being willing to let your children write their own lives, and Vjorak asks just what evangelicals and fundamentalists mean when they argue that Christianity has been "banned from the … [Read more...]

Sally, Bobby, and Symptoms and Causes

brother sister

Shortly after Bobby was born, Sally began to act out. Oh, she regarded Bobby with adoration, but not so when it came to Sean and I. Sally suddenly became less cooperative and even lashed out physically once or twice.In response, I did what I always try to do when it comes to parenting: I looked not just at the symptoms but instead sought to find the root cause of the symptoms. In this case, that was easy. Bobby took up time and energy that Sally was used to getting, and mommy and daddy were … [Read more...]