Memories of My Father

Some of my readers have noticed that I rarely refer to being spanked by my father. To be honest, I actually cannot definitively remember being spanked by my father. As I've written before, my father and I were very close up to the point where my beliefs diverged from his. I was his golden girl, is special firstborn daughter. But he had this idea of what I was supposed to be like so firmly in his mind he couldn't handle it when I started diverging from that. At some point during my college years … [Read more...]

When Unassisted Home Births Go Wrong

I am not opposed to home birth, but I am absolutely opposed to unassisted home births. I recently came upon an article full of screenshots from unassisted home birth forums, and what I saw didn't exactly reassure me. But this wasn't my first introduction to unassisted home births.Around a year ago I read an article by a woman who described going into labor completely alone while her children slept. She wrote about how empowering it was as a woman to birth her child completely and totally … [Read more...]

Jill and Jessa Duggar Have “Covenant” Marriages

As some of you may have noticed, both Jill and Jessa Duggar have "convenient" marriages. Arkansas is one of three states a covenant marriage law. No-fault divorce laws have allowed couples to divorce without having to prove abuse or unfaithfulness, but Arkansas' covenant marriage law rolls that back. Couples with covenant marriages cannot simply get a divorce---and that now includes both Jill and Jessa.How does Arkansas' covenant marriage law work? Like this:Under a Covenant Marriage, a c … [Read more...]

Karen Campbell: Cover for Your Abusive Parent

Karen Campbell of That Mom says that "what homeschooling moms really want" is respect. But after talking about being content with your situation, listening to God's desires for you, and respecting others' life paths as well, she turns to children respecting abusive parents. Often it is difficult to show respect to others, especially to our own parents or other family members. Many people were raised in homes where physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, or spiritual abuse was a daily occurrence. … [Read more...]

Matt Walsh Doesn’t Get Historical Marriage Rate Trends


Matt Walsh recently published an article urging early marriage.I was 24 when we met and got engaged and 25 when we tied the knot. That would make us pretty run of the mill by our grandparents’ standards, but not anymore. These days we’re practically a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not exhibit. People are downright befuddled to come across a 20-something with a wedding ring, much less a couple of carseats in the back of the sedan. There’s a good reason for their shocked amazement. Indeed, y … [Read more...]

Pastors and Secretaries: Enemies of a Gothard Marriage

I've been under a lot of stress lately and I'm really tired. But I try to put up a post each day to keep things active and maintain the community here, so today you get more from the Bill Gothard textbook I got my hands on. He's just so out there that blogging against his teachings is easier than many other topics, somehow. It's also familiar, in a way. So today you get to find out how pastors and secretaries can be enemies to good, godly marriages.Both of these passages are from the chapter … [Read more...]

“I See Things That Nobody Else Sees”

Melanie Martinez's music video "Dollhouse" is really getting to me. I've watched it multiple times since writing about Cynthia Jeub, and have been struck by how much it speaks to me. Why, you ask? Let me explain. First, the video:Before I get into my story some more, I want to quote from a recent blog post by homeschool graduate Lana. Lana's writing has long spoken to me, and is a story only too common in the Christian homeschooling communities we grew up in. Our family was the center o … [Read more...]