What No One Said about Rey (Star Wars Spoilers!)

By now most of you have probably seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which opened on December 18th. My daughter has been pretending to be Rey nearly constantly since seeing the movie, and my son has spent all day today telling everyone he comes in contact with that he is BB8. (At three, I think the robot BB8 is actually the character he identifies with most strongly.) Learning proper light saber usage (can you say Christmas presents?) has suddenly become very important in our household!I have … [Read more...]

Jessica Jones Open Thread

So, who wants to talk about Jessica Jones? I'm nearly through watching the newly released Netflix production, and I must say, I'm very impressed! And there's lots to talk about, from the series' coverage of stalking and the dynamics of abusive relationships to its treatment of abusive parenting and much, much more. I'll leave it at that here in the OP, but all holds are off in the comments, so expect spoilers!What are your thoughts on the series? What does it do well, and where is it … [Read more...]

Can We Talk about Those Faux Victorians?

By now you've probably heard about Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman, who've decided to live as though they are in the Victorian era. They've fitted their house out with original 1890s appliances and dress in clothing from the era---Sarah even wears a corset. I've been avoiding writing about them because they originally seemed to be outside my usual topic material, but with their recent comments on feminism and women's rights they've suddenly become very relevant. The quotes below, which I will comment … [Read more...]

Write a New Caption for This Sexist Meme!

Hey guys! I've been powering through this day thinking I'm going to get time to put up the next installment of Anonymous Tip, but nope. It's the end of the semester and that's when academia gets crazy! So, I'm going to admit failure. Sorry! The next installment of Anonymous Tip will go up tomorrow instead.But I'm not going to leave you with nothing! It's Friday, let's have some fun! How would you re-caption this sexist meme? Go wild! :D … [Read more...]

All-Options PRC: The New Pro-Choice Center on the Block

You've probably heard of "pregnancy resource centers." The term itself is the rebranding of the older "crisis pregnancy center" label. These centers tend to be run by pro-life groups intent on dissuading women from having abortions. When I was young, my mother spent time as a volunteer at one of these centers, counseling pregnant women and urging them against abortion. These centers have often been accused of using misleading advertising or coercive tactics to bring women in and convince them to … [Read more...]

The Problem with Gendering Kids’ Halloween Costumes Is Othering, Not Sexualizing

I recently came upon a Huffington Post article titled "Halloween Costumes Are Sexualizing Our Youngest Trick-Or-Treaters." In the article, blogger Raina Dellisle wrote about going shopping for Halloween costumes with her preschool daughter and coming upon these gendered police and firefighter costumes:As Dellisle explains: Halloween costumes that put a sexy spin on uniformed occupations (or anything for that matter) have been popular among women for years, but for little girls? I would b … [Read more...]

Dress Codes and Preteen Girls: A Reader Asks

I recently received this email from a reader: Hi Libby Anne,First of all I have to say I absolutely love your blog for several reasons. First of all, your experience closely parallels my own. Secondly, you are an excellent writer and I find your opinions filled with wisdom. And finally, even though you are quick to point out shortcomings in the Christian community you do so with respect and fairness. I am a Christian, but also have liberal, feminist political views and I feel perfectly … [Read more...]