“Hey, Dreamboat!”: Teenage Girls Get Mocked Too


I wrote a week ago about conversations within gaming, fandom, and nerd culture over dating and social reclusiveness. Specifically, I looked at a post by a self-described "nerdy guy" about his adolescent and young adult anger toward women for not dating him and a response post by a self-described "nerdy girl" pointing out that guys aren't the only ones to be shy, socially awkward, and thwarted in love. Today I want to build on that conversation with another point.I've seen men online (and, … [Read more...]

Longing for Love; Or, It’s Not Just Nerdy Boys


I've generally refrained from commenting on the #gamergate controversy and issues surrounding nerd or gamer culture. Partly this is because I have never been a nerd or a gamer. I suppose my status as a Whovian, my love for Firefly, and my interest in cosplay may place me on the outskirts of those communities, nut I've never felt connected enough to claim membership. But I do want to weigh in for a moment. I've noticed that many adolescent and young adult men in nerd/gamer culture seem to feel … [Read more...]

Reinforcing Other Axes of Oppression Isn’t “Punching Up”


I recently read a skepchick post by Jamie Bernstein titled Even Awful Women Don't Deserve Rape Threats. After discussing gendered slurs and attacks on the appearance of such women as Sarah Palin, Vani Hari, and Ann Coulter, Jamie concludes with this:Look, it’s ok to criticize all these women for the terrible things they have done and said. You should criticize them and do so harshly but without using gendered slurs or threats of violence or comments on their appearance. That type of lang … [Read more...]

Crosspost: When Speaking to Men about False Accusations


By Samantha FieldOriginally posted on Defeating the Dragons [content note: sexual violence] I want to preface today’s post with a few things: first, I’m going to be talking about my own personal experiences online and off, and I’m not going to be arguing about absolutes, or saying that what I’ve observed is the way it always is with no exceptions. However, I’ve noticed a pattern, and I think it’s happened often enough that it warrants a post. Also, I have been the victim of a false accusat … [Read more...]

Are Bugs “Boy” Things and Dolls “Girl” Things?

baby doll

This fall a little girl wrote to Abdo Publishing after becoming concerned that the book she was reading, "The Biggest Baddest Book of Bugs," was part of a series titled "Biggest, Baddest Books for Boys." "Some girls would like to be entomologists too.," she explained. Abdo wrote back, thanking her concern and agreeing to change the series title to "Biggest, Baddest Books." But there was something about the story that struck me: According to the local paper, the publisher responded and told her … [Read more...]

“I Don’t Want a Girl Shovel!”


I was recently at an event for kids that at one point involved digging in a large sandbox. There were a number of shovels for the children to choose from, half pink with princesses on them and half red with Mickey Mouse on them. While my children were digging, a father with two boys, probably around four and two, came over to join us. The only remaining shovels were pink. The four-year-old boy threw an absolute fit, screaming that he would not use a girls shovel. There was so much contempt in … [Read more...]

“In both cases, we are talking about sexist oppression”

shirts 2

Last week scientist Matt Taylor wore a shirt covered with scantily clad women for a live interview. When women called this out, one individual responded by creating a shirt covered with burka clad women, which he dubbed it feminist approved.Reader timberwraith responded to the burka shirt as follows:I'll share an observation of the burka vs. skin dichotomy made by many feminists long before this particular this gent's clothing issues reared its mediocre head. It doesn't matter whether yo … [Read more...]