A Word for the Homemakers


I've really enjoyed these "home-living" posts by Libby. Sometimes it seems like the Religious right has the corner market on home-living. They applaud women like me for being sweet, shy housewives with children. They approve of my desire to homeschool and to try to make my marriage work out even in hard times. Meanwhile in the secular world, I feel that I'm considered to lack career ambition, be overly attached to my kids, and probably co-dependent with my husband. I am imagining this dichotomy, … [Read more...]

Whose Job Is It to Educate?


Last week a commenter asked a question about being transgender. Some commenters answered her question, but others took her to task for asking the question in the first place. And indeed, in her comment she said that transition seemed unnecessary because gender is a construct and because individuals with eating disorders are encouraged to learn to accept their bodies rather than to change them. But later, she explained that she was 17 and outside of her parents' internet surveillance for the … [Read more...]

Listen Up, Guys!


I'm tired of hearing guys say they wouldn't mind being catcalled, so what's the big deal? I mean, who doesn't want to be complemented on their looks, right? Who doesn't want to be reminded that they still "have it"?Wrong.Flat out wrong wrong wrong.For one thing, it's not actually about complementing women. It's really not. Last year, I wrote about an incident of street harassment I experienced where the compliments quickly changed to insults when I didn't give the appropriate r … [Read more...]

Does He Treat You Right?


In my previous post, I wrote about cultural messaging regarding how fathers should respond to their daughters dating both displays an utter lack of trust of young women and a normalization of violence toward other males. Two readers, however, pointed out that this messaging also portrays males as inherently sexual predators and thugs.Reader Nathaniel put it like this: I've been lucky enough to have grown in a community that never had anyone say something like this to me. Still pisses me off … [Read more...]

Dads, Daughters, and Dating


I saw this hat while grocery shopping last week:Am I the only one who finds this profoundly disturbing?When Sean's youngest sister was a preteen, his dad used to joke with her about how she would be allowed to date the day she turned 30. She didn't find it funny, and neither did I. Sean has a younger brother too, but I never heard his dad so much as say boo about him dating.My parents were pulled into the courtship movement in the late 1990s. As a result, my siblings and I were not … [Read more...]

When Sexism Kills: Deadly Hurricane Edition


So it seems that hurricanes with female names kill more people than hurricanes with more male names, and that even within female names those that are more feminine tend to be the deadliest. Or so found an article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. But don't take my word for it! Read on! People are more afraid of a Hurricane Victor than a Hurricane Victoria, says a study out today from researchers at the University of Illinois."People may be dying as a result of the f … [Read more...]

The Pay Gap: The Chicken and the Egg


I recently came upon a really interesting blog post at Crates and Ribbons. The gender wage gap has long been an issue of importance for feminists, and one that consistently finds itself on the UN and government agendas. Despite this, there is a persistent idea among many in mainstream society (mostly men, and some women) that the gender wage gap is simply a myth, that women are paid less on average because of the specific choices that women make in their careers. Everything, they claim, from t … [Read more...]