#makehomeschoolsafe and Michigan’s HB 4498


Last week Michigan State Representative Stephanie Chang held a press release announcing a new bill. According to her press release:LANSING – State Representative Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit) announced new legislation at a press conference today that would create a list of homeschooled children in an effort to avoid the kind of tragedy that saw the murder of Detroit schoolchildren and siblings Stoni Blair and Stephen Gage Berry. The press conference was held together with Detroit City Counc … [Read more...]

A Letter from Jesus and Living in Fear

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I wrote earlier this week about the way even Christian homeschool kids aren't immune from peer pressure---or from picking things up from the culture that surrounds them. In that post I quoted from an article by Lorraine Espenhain, a Catholic homeschooling mother, in which she explained why her children are so lonely---because she has isolated them from any children who are not also both Catholic and homeschooled----and why she thinks their loneliness is okay.But as several readers pointed o … [Read more...]

Picking Things Up from the Culture, Homeschool Edition


If you're a regular reader, you may have noticed that, when speaking of my conservative evangelical homeschool upbringing, I frequently say "I was told X" rather than "my parents told me X." There is a reason for that---sometimes I can't remember whether my parents actually taught me some specific aspect of purity culture or political conservatism or whether I just picked it up from the Christian homeschool culture around me. After all, I read the homeschool magazines we subscribed to, listened t … [Read more...]

HSLDA on those “Radically Atheistic” Public Schools


As my regular readers will know, I am in favor of allowing homeschooled students to play sports in their local public schools. Perhaps surprisingly, the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has long remained neutral on sports access bills, declining to directly oppose them but refusing to support them. I've heard concern that allowing homeschooled children to participate in sports would require some form of academic oversight, but then that oversight would only apply to those who volunt … [Read more...]

Homeschooling Parents Dismiss Alumni Voices Again

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As a homeschool alumna, I am growing increasingly frustrated with homeschooling parents. And I am very supportive of parents being able to homeschool! I would even consider homeschooling my own children should the need arise. Many of my elementary school experiences as a homeschooled student were incredibly positive. I loved the hands-on learning we did, and the freedom to take off on a field trip at any time. I loved seeing the world as my classroom. But in spite of all of this, I am starting t … [Read more...]

The Latest Threat to Homeschooling—a Citizenship Test

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Have you heard about the latest threat to homeschooling? I hadn't until I came upon this headline! And yes, this post comes with snark, because some days taking the entire world seriously just takes too much effort!Federal citizenship test threatening homeschoolers' freedomOh no! The horrors! Wait---what?The New Hampshire Legislature is reviewing a bill requiring all homeschoolers to take the same citizenship test that conventional public and private school students must take in … [Read more...]

How HSLDA Talks About Abuse


In 2012, HSLDA opposed a New Jersey bill that would have allowed the Division of Family and Youth Services (DFYS) to determine whether children under their "care, supervision, or custody" should be prohibited from homeschool. The main reason this bill was introduced is that children who are homeschooled are not seen regularly by mandatory reporters in the way children who attend school are, and therefore children who are vulnerable or at risk of abuse may benefit from being in school. A perusal … [Read more...]