Christian Homeschooling and the Battle of Peer Dependency, Part 1: We’re Not Exaggerating

By Darcy. Originally posted on Homeschoolers Anonymous. Sometimes when homeschool alumni tell stories about the way things were — the things we were taught, stuff our parents said, and the teachings we practiced — we are not really believed. Our recollections are met with incredulity, doubt, and outright disbelief. Sometimes, our own parents are the ones telling us “that didn’t happen like that, you aren’t remembering correctly, I never said/did/taught/believed those things”. Those presently hom … [Read more...]

Michael Pearl: Don’t Let Your Kids Play with Public School Kids

[image eaten by the internet]Image text as follows: "In our church, every family homeschools. If someone came into the church whose children go to or have gone to public schools or church schools, their younger children would never be allowed into the inner social circle with our kids. There would be zero fraternization, even on the church grounds after meetings. We have built community and will not allow it to be corrupted."Michael Pearl "Functioning Community" June 15, 2011 This … [Read more...]

Support Homeschool Reform by Donating to CRHE!

CRHE 2015 Making a Difference Infographic

I want to take a quick break from all of my posting about the Planned Parenthood shootings to shine a light the Coalition for Responsible Home Education's December fund drive. I have been very invested in supporting the Coalition for Responsible Home Education (CRHE) since its founding two years ago, and am close friends with a number of the organization's board members.My regular readers probably remember the various blog posts I've written about the Home School Legal Defense Association (H … [Read more...]

Jonathan and Alison Schumm Abuse Case Raises Questions

Given my interest in homeschool reform, I am familiar with many if not most of the entries at the Coalition for Responsible Home Education's Homeschooling's Invisible Children database. This database was started by homeschool alumni concerned about the role homeschooling can play in intensifying and hiding abuse by allowing abusive parents to isolate their children. (I suppose this is where I add the caveat that I am not anti-homeschooling, just pro-accountability.)Anyway, I found the most r … [Read more...]

Please Don’t Deny Our Agency

I wrote the first draft of this post last summer. I wasn't satisfied with it as it was, so I set it aside and promptly forgot about it. A conversation with one of my sisters reminded me of the post, so I've pulled it out and dusted it up.In writing, last summer, about Josh Duggar's Ashley Madison account, I noted that: Josh and Anna didn’t have sex until they married, so they had no way of knowing whether they are sexually compatible. Further, Josh doesn’t believe in birth control and he and … [Read more...]

My Evangelical Homeschool Mother Taught Me the Five Pillars of Islam

In the past few weeks, I've been following this story: BRISTOL, Tenn. — A Bristol group is staging a silent protest in front of Vance Middle School Friday morning for what they believe to be the teaching of Islam to seventh-grade students.“The protest will be a silent Christian protest with signs and a banner, we hope to have at least 100 people show up,” Emily Kausch, who’s planning to attend, wrote in an email to the Bristol Herald Courier.The organizer is parent Patty Kinkead, who s … [Read more...]

HSLDA: Homeschooling Families Constantly Almost Never Reported to CPS

A New Jersey homeschool family is suing after a social worker visited their home and asked questions about their curriculum, their children's medical history, and the safety of the firearms stored in their house. Buried deep in an article about the case are these paragraphs:The case highlights the tension between state social welfare agencies and homeschool families as the number of children being educated at home continues to grow. More than 2 million children are now involved in … [Read more...]