Sometimes I Really Hate Blogging

Sometimes I think about closing down my blog. Maybe I will. Sometimes I feel like turning the comments off. Maybe I should. Sometimes I think about making my blog private. Perhaps that's an option I should pursue.Blogging can be very hard, for two reasons: First, it involves regurgitating my past, and second, stating my opinions and thoughts opens me to disagreement and criticism.In some ways, I feel like this blog is the only place I can be completely open. See, many of the things I … [Read more...]


I would like to take a moment to solicit questions from my readers. Do you have any questions about how I grew up? Or maybe questions about atheism? Or is there perhaps something I've written about that hasn't quite made sense to you, that you'd like me to explain further? Here's your chance to ask away! … [Read more...]

Additional Update: Rethinking Vision Forum

Not to get repetitive, but I thought I'd take a moment to plug the Rethinking Vision Forum website again. Things to note:Rethinking Vision Forum has surpassed 10,000 page views. When you search for "Vision Forum" in google, Rethinking Vision Forum is now at the bottom of the first page. It is in the middle of the second page when you do the same on Yahoo or Bing. Rethinking Vision Forum now has twenty pages and forty-nine posts, with content neatly organized by means of a drop down … [Read more...]

Uptate on website countering Vision Forum

First, Rethinking Vision Forum has moved from blogspot to wordpress and is now located at You should really go check it out, because it has lots of neatly organized information!Second, Rethinking Vision Forum has become even more collaborative as numerous individuals have been eager and enthusiastic about letting us republish their articles and posts. Several individuals have offered excellent ideas for the future and even offered to do future posts … [Read more...]


I have made some changes to this blog today. First, I have changed the background and color scheme, etc. Second, I have changed the tabs. Now the tabs are divided by subject and provide listing of relevant blog posts. Third, I have changed the "my story" tab. Now rather than just containing my huge long story, it links to each part, all of which are now published on the blog separately. You can also make comments on each individual section now, should you want to.There are also changes … [Read more...]