On Positive Parenting and Saying “I’m Sorry”

I'm sorry

Today I yelled at Sally. I was trying to finish a project and she was getting in the way again and again and I just snapped. I stormed upstairs to finish what I was working on in peace, leaving Sally downstairs with her daddy. I knew yelling like that was not right and I knew I should have taken a deep breath instead of getting more and more annoyed. In retrospect, I should have saved finishing my project until later, or else I should have stopped and found Sally something constructive to do. … [Read more...]

“Are You Mom Enough?” Really?!?

I'm sure by now most of you have already seen this image. While I was annoyed that Time chose a cover picture designed to sensationalize rather than one that looks at the reality of long-term breastfeeding (and as an avid proponent, I have to say, this is not what it looks like), I was more annoyed by the title. "Are You Mom Enough?" I mean, really?!? … [Read more...]

I had a piece posted on Offbeat Mama today

It's called What Your Language: How We Emphasize Family Diversity When Talking To Our Kids. I wrote a similar post here a month ago, called On Raising Progressive Children. If you haven't already, feel free to read either or both! … [Read more...]

Sex Ed for the Preschooler

My daughter Sally is only in preschool, but I don't want her to grow up to be as ignorant about her body or issues of sexuality as I was, and I want to lay a good foundation for information and understanding now. In other words, this is something I have already done a good bit of thinking about. So far, here is what I have come up with:1. Answer questions honestly and openlySally took me aback the other day by finding my vibrator. I had thought it was thoroughly put away, but apparently … [Read more...]

Take a deep breath and just be – even at 2 a.m.

My little girl, Sally, still frequently wakes up in the middle of the night and comes into the master bedroom. I'm the kind of person who likes to have plenty of space to sleep in, and I'm also getting more and more pregnant, so as you might imagine this can be pretty annoying."Mommy? Mommy? I want to sleep in bed with you. Please?"At 2:00 in the morning, the last thing I want is to have a small kicking child get in bed with me. But the thing is, one of the most important things about … [Read more...]

“Are You Teaching Her About Jesus?”

A letter from a relative recently asked me this question with regards to my daughter: "Are you teaching her about Jesus?" The trouble is, this is an older relative that I love deeply. She has never been anything but kind to me. I really don't want to hurt her. But when I eventually answer that question, and truthfully - I don't feel I can lie - I know that I will hurt her, a lot.Now for the moment, I am planning to just not answer her question. It was one line in a newsy letter, and I don't … [Read more...]

On Raising Progressive Children


The other day my daughter asked me why I wear a ring. I told her it's because I'm married, and I called my husband over and showed her his ring, too. I told her that when two people get married they wear rings.But of course this meant I had to explain what "getting married" meant. So I told her that when two people love each other very much and want to be life partners, they get married. I told her that when she grows up and finds someone she loves very much and wants to share her life with, … [Read more...]