This Thing That Happens When I Change My Mind


So. I've started noticing this weird pattern. Just, weird.Here's an example from a comment responding to what I wrote about leaving Christianity and becoming an atheist: A personal relationship with Jesus is what you were missing in your childhood and young adulthood, and that rejection of Jesus Christ has estranged you from your family and caused you to go 180 degrees the other way. I want you to know that I am praying for you; that you would seek Jesus with your whole heart. He died a … [Read more...]

If Corporations Are People, They Can Be Martyrs. Right?

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby: The First Martyr Under Obamacare? This is the title of an article by Karen Swallow Prior posted today on Her.meneutics, Christianity Today's women's blog. I know there's a lot more going on here that I should be interested in, but I have to say, what is utterly fascinating to me right now is the assertion that a company can be martyred. December 26 was a fitting day for Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor to refuse judicial relief to the Hobby Lobby craft store chain, whose … [Read more...]

Charlotte Allen Blames Sandy Hook on Easy Bake Ovens

easy bake oven

I've been trying hard to ignore Charlotte Allen suggestion in the National Review that the Sandy Hook tragedy happened because elementary schools are too "feminized" and there were no adult men on the premises (except for the shooter, of course). But I can't do it any more, and you know why? She's responded to criticism by doubling down. No, I was not blaming any of the 26 victims or the parents who enrolled their kids at Sandy Hook. I am, however, blaming our culture that denies, dismisses, and … [Read more...]

The Pro-Life Movement, Erasing Women Edition


Yesterday I posted an image of a postcard distributed by abortion opponents as an argument against having a rape exemption. I used the postcard as a chance to discuss the rape exemption, but several of you readers pointed out that the image completely erases the woman, and her body, from the equation.It's true. The anti-abortion group that put together this postcard completely erased the woman from the picture both literally and figuratively. Her feelings, needs, hopes, and dreams do not … [Read more...]

On the Pro-Life Movement and the Rape Exemption


I just came upon this image of an anti-abortion postcard produced and handed out by the Students for Life of America.The image shows the pictures of four babies and asks "Can you tell which child has a criminal father? Should a child die for his or her father's crimes?" The intent is to attack the rape exemption. The argument is that a person's rights and value don't depend on how a person is conceived or who a person's father is.You know what I find interesting about this image? … [Read more...]

A Few More Thoughts about Guns

AK47 2

In the wake of the Newton shooting, it seems like everyone is talking about guns, whether that be suggesting that we need better gun control laws or arguing against that idea. Here are a few thoughts I've been having as I watch these discussions play out:1. Yes, People Kill People, But...I have been hearing the "guns don't kill people, people kill people" argument a lot lately. And you know what? I grew up hearing it too. I grew up in a very pro-gun family, then kind where the kids go to … [Read more...]

Tragedies Should Be Calls to Action


I'm hearing it again. Eighteen elementary children met pointless deaths today, and yet my facebook feed has lit up with cries that gun control doesn't solve anything and assertions that the problem is spiritual darkness, not things like guns or mental illness. Eighteen families have lost their children, and yet the cries of denial are loud already.I am a mother. I have children, one of whom is fast approaching elementary school age. I cannot imagine the grief those families in Connecticut … [Read more...]