The Bizarre Libertarian/Christian Reconstructionist Alliance


Ron Paul has just announced a new K-12 curriculum for homeschooled students---The Ron Paul Curriculum. It is comprehensive---history, economics, math, science, literature, Bible---and focuses on the "biblical principle" of self responsibility and the history of liberty. It advertises itself as incredibly academically rigorous---such that a student who makes it through will test out of the first two years of college.All of this honestly sounds like standard fare for these circles---not unlike … [Read more...]

I Was Grace Evans; Or, Using Children as Political Props

Grace Evans

When I first heard about an eleven year old girl speaking against marriage equality before a Minnesota hearing, I immediately wondered if she was someone I knew. Why? Because it was so, so familiar. The truth is, I've been there. I never spoke before a house committee, sure, but when I was that age my father was quick to push me forward to speak to reporters in support of "traditional marriage," or against abortion, or in favor of gun rights, or what have you. And I saw this pattern repeated … [Read more...]

Image, Counter Image: The Facebook Meme War


I'm sure lots of you have noticed the recent facebook profile picture trend in favor of marriage equality, especially the use of the now ubiquitous red square with a pink equal sign. You may also have noticed conservatives changing their profile pictures in opposition. I want to take a moment to look at a few of those.The first category were profile pictures that sought to respond directly to the equality message---sometimes really directly.This seems . . . I don't know, really blunt … [Read more...]

Quoting Rushdoony Just Seems Like a Really Bad Idea


Not surprisingly, Kelly Reins Ladies against Feminism has put up a collection of links on gay marriage. They've called their link list "Cranial Dominionism: Defining What We Think about . . . Defending Biblical Marriage." In it they offer links and quotes from such standard evangelical luminaries as John Piper and Ken Ham. Most of it is standard fare, repeating the evangelical line on homosexuality and marriage equality, as is to be expected. But I also noticed something . . . odd. Kelly quotes … [Read more...]

A Mommy and a Daddy: Evangelicals, Antifeminism, and Marriage Equality

two mommies 2

This may sound odd, but I don't think you can fully understand evangelicals' opposition to marriage equality without also understanding their antifeminism.Evangelicals believe that women are inherently more nurturing while men are inherently more aggressive. They believe that God intended the wife to be the heart of the family and home life and the husband to be the protector, provider, and the family's interface with the public sphere. And of course, evangelicals belief that fathers and … [Read more...]

Conservatives’ Big Government Abortion Hypocrisy

transvaginal ultrasound

Political conservatives talk constantly about their desire to make government smaller. The less government the better, they say. Get the government out of our lives, they say. Cut regulations and let the free market have its way, they say. Except, it seems, when it comes to abortion.Did you know that eight states have banned private insurance companies from covering abortion in the policies they sell? Bans on insurance coverage of abortion didn’t really became a thing until recently. The va … [Read more...]

Smile! Your Mom … Had Sex?


"Smile! Your Mom Chose Life!" I found this slogan very compelling when I opposed abortion. I mean, think about it! If your mom had had an abortion, you would not exist! Would you like to not exist? I didn't think so! So how can you be in favor of keeping abortion legal without being hypocritical? And then one day I realized something. I wouldn't exist if my parents hadn't had sex either. Or if they hadn't met. Or if they hadn't been born. There are lots of things that might have kept me from … [Read more...]