The Battle over Contraception in the Pro-Life Movement


In poking around the website of the National Association of Evangelicals looking for a statement of beliefs for another post, I stumbled upon a booklet and video they had posted regarding abortion. In addition to embracing waiting periods and parental consent laws, the video also embraces contraception as a means of reducing the number of abortions that take place, even if that means young unmarried evangelicals using contraception. I was momentarily taken completely aback, but then I remembered … [Read more...]

The Conservative Media Bubble


In the run up to the election, conservatives and the conservative media rejected the dominant narrative regarding who would win the presidential election. While New York Times blogger Nate Silver analyzed polls and consistently predicted an Obama win, Fox News and the rest of the conservative media insisted that Silver and the polls were skewed and predicted that Romney would win handily. And then Obama won. What happened, exactly? Barack Obama just trounced a Republican opponent for the second … [Read more...]

A Paradigm Shift: My “Aha” Moment on Abortion


Some commenters on my pro-life movement post expressed skepticism that I could have so changed my mind so thoroughly over one lunch and one set of statistics. And so I asked myself: How did my perspective change so completely and so suddenly? What was it that so challenged how I had viewed the issue before, and exactly what changed and why? In this post I further hash out what went on in my mind that day, and explain the paradigm shift I underwent.At that time I had been pro-life my entire … [Read more...]

2012, the Turning Point for Marriage Equality?


For ages now, proponents of "traditional" marriage have been arguing that any gains in marriage equality were the products of judicial or legislative "activism," pointing to the fact that every time marriage equality has been put to a popular vote it has been voted down. The people, they said, affirm the importance of "traditional" marriage. Yesterday that changed.Washington, Maine, and Maryland all voted to approve marriage equality while Minnesota voted down an amendment that would have … [Read more...]

Election Day Post and Open Thread


So, this morning I'm off to vote and then spend nine straight hours working for Get Out The Vote, doing whatever they need me to do. I don't live in a swing state, but I do care about the senate and congressional races, as well as the gubernatorial race and local races. I honestly think these races get ignored too often.Politically, I am a social democrat. This means I don't really have a political party in this country, or at least not one large enough to have a lot of influence at this p … [Read more...]

Preaching Politics from the Pulpit on Left and Right


"Vote your values, not your pocketbook.""Vote your principles, not your principal." You want to hear something interesting? You see those two statements above? Both are things I have heard said by ministers standing in the pulpit, the first some years ago and the other this past Sunday. The strange part? The first statement was made by the pastor of the evangelical megachurch in which I grew up while the second statement was made by the pastor of the Unitarian Universalist church I have … [Read more...]

More on Laws and Abortion: A Response to Bad Catholic


Marc of Bad Catholic, also on Patheos, has started a series of posts responding to my article on the pro-life movement. I've just finished reading the first one, and am interested in seeing more of what he has to say in the future. I want to take a moment to respond to his first post, in which he addressed whether or not banning abortion lowers the abortion rate.He starts by quoting what I quoted from a 2008 study in the Lancet: Highly restrictive abortion laws are not associated with lower … [Read more...]